Sunday, October 15, 2006

Kickin' back with Lukery. Favorite City Edition

Dear New Yorkers,

I get it now.



So I'd never been to New York...
I had the same awakening about it that I had about San Francisco when I first saw it: Okay, I get why you'd do what you had to to do stay here because Jesus god, it's amazing.
I heart NY.

I heart NY. I heart San Francisco. I heart London. I heart Melbourne.

I've been lucky enough to spend a reasonable amount of time in all of them. My longest stint in NYC was 3-4 months. SF something like 6 months. London for a couple of years. Melbourne - lots.

I also spent 4 months in LA on an exchange program in a Masters degree (USC), living in WeHo. I didn't like it a whole lot. And I spent 4 months in DC and didn't think much of it.

What are your fave cities?


oldschool said...

Well, I'm just a country boy, but I can toss out a few maybe.

Indianapolis is where I've spent the most time. It's a pleasant enough city, but with a disturbing inability or maybe indifference to its black population, which has a truly ugly propensity to kill each other. Per capita, the murder rate is pretty high - but only in 'certain parts' of town. Like most cities, Indy has by evolution segregated itself, so it's a problem that most can write off with a mere tsk, tsk, as it doesn't affect *them*. Damn, the more I write, the worse it sounds. It's really not that bad of a place at all, if you like living a quiet life.

Lived in L.A. for four years - kind of a love/hate thing with that town. There's a sense of always being on or around the cutting edge, and I loved the music scene. On any night of the week, one can find something interesting someplace in town. On the other hand, my god those are some shallow people. When I was there, it was kind of like - if you don't have a Porsche and some cocaine - you ain't gettin' laid. It's probably changed, but only as to the make of the car, and of the drug du jour. I like to go visit sometimes, but I wouldn't live there again.

I loved Florence and would have been quite happy to stay longer. I was a kid with a rail pass and a back-pack - would love to go back as an adult with more time.

Mostly though, without naming a specific city - I like Scotland. I feel at home there, and it's just a beautiful place. Can't understand a goddam word of the 'English' anyone is speaking to me - but I could learn, given a bit of time.

rimone said...

I HATE NYC, born and grew up there et al. and used to love it but after giuliani totally ruined it (which koch began and dinkins tried to fix and failed and then was unfairly demonised) i fucking HATE IT--tourist yuppie city. she can have it.

on the other hand, i looooove SF, Eugene Oregon, Bonn and Cologne in DE, Maastricht in NL and Edinburgh, Bristol and London in the UK.

ps, i love Scotland, like OldSchool, i feel totally at home there.

lukery said...

old school - i didnt really like LA - i thought they hate the worst night scene ever. from memory, everything was closed by like one or two oclock. egads!

i havent spent much time in scotland - but if you and rimone like it...

rimone said...

was never in LA, never cared to go although so many used to tell me i'd love it cause there were so many freaks. oh well...still don't wanna go there.

on the other hand i loooooove London. constantly seeing shit i've only seen before in books and old films drives me nuts (in a good way), lol

lukery said...


"i thought they HAD the worst night scene ever"