Thursday, October 19, 2006

“Kill Bush,” - “Nonsense!”

Dissident Voice:
"The agents told Kirstie that since the art included the words, “Kill Bush,” and since it was accessible to anyone on the Internet, there was a very strong likelihood that someone -- possibly a terrorist from a foreign country -- might see the image and be inspired to act upon it. Thus, they reasoned, even if (13 year old) Julia only meant to be funny, the art put the President in grave danger. Many people are saying, “Nonsense!” "


rimone said...

thank fuck for little girls! let there be many many many more to voice their feelings, especially through art.

fucking bu$hCo Nazis.

re: Many critics of the S.S.’ creation of a “sense of urgency” to contact Julia believe that it was tactically intended to send a chilling message to other students. Many lawyers, activists and free speech advocates believe that the goal of the S.S. was to generally deter young people from being too critical of the President. And what better way to send a chilling message to students than for the S.S. to pull a student out of class at a large public school?

i hope the parents sue; that's the only thing these fucks understand.

Kathleen said...

It is against the law to question a minor without their parent's permission, so I hope Julia's parents are planning to sue the pants off those two apes.

When my daughter, Kristin, was a student in Staples High School in Westport, CT. She worked as volunteer at the Drug Abuse Center at the local Y. As a rule, she brought all the runway kids home to us. I told her that she was not obliged to speak to any police without my permission. On one occasion the police went to her school and the principle called her out of class. I am very proud to say that the first thing she said to them was, "Do you have my Mom's permission?" When they said No, she said, "See ya" and walked back to class. End of story.

rimone said...

thank you, Kathleen--that's so cool that you taught her and she knew her rights. :-)

Kathleen said...

Now she's a lawyer herself.

lukery said...

kathleen - that is very cool!

well done.

rimone said...

yep, what Luke said. i bow down to you, Kathleen, especially now for having taught your daughter so well. you both should be very proud.