Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kurtastrophe Weldon

"Law enforcement officials said the investigation of Mr. Weldon had been under way for several months. The officials said authorities did not confirm the existence of the investigation or conduct the searches, until after news organizations learned of it. It is not known how McClatchy Newspapers, which first reported the inquiry on Saturday, learned of it."
Laura (re above):
"That's easy enough to figure out," a Washington hand to whom I read the above said. The AG "let it be known that the Justice Department was going to hold onto [the Weldon investigation] until after the election and someone at the Bureau got fed up and leaked."

* btw - with all this news coming out about CREW masterminding the destruction of the GOP re masturgate and the Kurtastrophe (can i lay claim to that one?) - I wonder if there's also a secret probe going on re Hastert. CREW asked for an investigation into hastert/turkey in February of this year (they did get a half-hearted one from FEC)

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