Friday, October 06, 2006

Larisa, April 06: Hastert to resign before November

In my interview with Larisa in April, she said that maybe/probably Hastert would resign by November.

We were talking about Sibel and Hastert, then, well, let's cut to the tape:
Luke: Hopefully we can make that an election issue in Hastert's race against John Laesch in November

LA: I dont know - I dont think he's going to be running.

Luke: Wow - really?

LA: I have a feeling that the way things are going - remember, there are factional turf wars much like the kinds you see in organized crime. They're at each others' throats - because greed knows no loyalty. I think he's made a tactical error in attempting to remove Duncan Hunter from the Armed Services Committee.

Remember, regarding the Dubai ports deal, Duncan Hunter recently came forward and said that Dubai had allowed nuclear switches and heavy water to be shipped from Turkey, via Dubai, to Iran, the same switches I referenced above as being accurate but together in the wrong context - and shortly thereafter Hastert tried to remove (I am still trying to firm up what actually occurred) Hunter from the Armed Services Committee.

Luke: That's right - and Dubai rejected a U.S. request to stop the shipment.

LA: Right - and I think that really opens Hastert up - if Hunter wants to put some pressure on. In other words, Duncan Hunter is a fairly powerful individual, and fairly aggressive. Despite my reporting on Hunter in certain business areas of his, he really seems to be very much against outsourcing of security of any sort. There seems to be a principle there for him, and he seems to be very adamant about that. So Hunter and his faction have a lot of ammunition should Hunter want to retain his seat, or whatnot. It gives a lot of power and persuasion to that argument. So it should be interesting how this plays out

Luke: Interesting indeed.
My guess? Duncan Hunter had nothing to do with these latest shenanigans. Still, no-one can work out how this story came to the fore now. I'm prepared to state that if we believe that the world is clearly cut into two distinct groups groups, Dems and Repubs, then I don't believe for a minute that a Republican would shoot him/herself in the foot and take out the entire Repug machine in order to get rid of Hastert.

OTOH, if we presume that we are over-lorded by competing mafia gangs and the lines between the different groups are much blurrier (?) than the purported party divide, then I'm more than happy to entertain that Hastert et al were taken down for reasons other than the corpmedia are offering us.

Any thoughts?


Miguel said...

Although I am sure there are some Republicans that want Hastert out of there, it's hard for me to believe that any Rethug wanted this Page scandal to come out 6 weeks before the election.

I think the rumors about Hastert were just rumors, but by a twist of fate they may just come true.

lukery said...

by a twist of fate they may just come true.

imagine if hastert starts shooting back at whoever he thinks should be protecting him...