Friday, October 20, 2006

Libby's graymail attempt isn't going to fly

* emptywheel on libby:
"It doesn't look like any graymail attempt is going to fly--there just don't seem to be that many outstanding issues (then again, the whole graymail thing might just be an attempt to plant a cause for appeal, so they can keep Scooter out of the clink long enough for Bush to pardon him).
Maybe I'm being overly optimistic. But at this point, I think the one avenue of successful graymail at this point will come if Walton rules they should be able to introduce aspects relating to Plame's actual CIA work history. Given the way Fitz had approached the case, I suspect CIA would balk at that (for good reason--it would effectively out Plame again). And given the way Fitz has constructed the case, I just don't see that happening."

* froomkin:
"Dan Balz writes in The Washington Post: "Former president Bill Clinton said yesterday that the governing Republican majority has abandoned the common good in favor of ideologically driven politics that demonize its opponents, has forced ordinary Americans to fend for themselves and has too often left the United States isolated internationally."

Or, as Michael McAuliff puts it in the New York Daily News: "Bill Clinton ripped the Bush administration and leaders in Congress yesterday as narrow-minded, extremist drones bent only on helping their rich pals.""

* froomkin:
Impeachment Watch:
John Nichols blogs for the Nation: "From Vermont to Illinois to California, voters this fall will be deciding the fate not just of candidates for Congress but of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

"Communities that are home to more than 1 million Americans will have an opportunity to cast ballots on the question of whether Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president and vice president."

* amblog:
"Remember, Hastert and his staff have said definitively that they were never informed about the Foley matter until just recently. There are now, reportedly, two different people who have testified, under oath, that what Hastert is claiming is a lie."
* flashback, just for fun:
"Thirdly, two weeks after 911, Sibel overheard two 'targets' of a (Counter-Intelligence) monitoring program having a conversation. Apparently, three associates of these targets were arrested in New Jersey immediately after 911 - two Turkish guys and an Uzbeki. The targets were desperate to get their associates out of jail, and out of the country, so they called Marc Grossman who duly facilitated their release."

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