Monday, October 02, 2006

Lt Gen Odom: "the right to impeach"

* scoop:
"Rep. Hinchey asked (Lt. Gen. William Odom) "How do we get out?" Odom's reply came without a pause: "Well, the Constitution gives the House the right to impeach." "

* juancole:
"Security has deteriorated so badly in Iraq that Saudi Arabia has decided to build a 550-mile-long high-tech security fence. The Saudis are afraid that if Iraq has a hot civil war, Iraqis will try to flee as refugees to Saudi Arabia. They also are afraid that the nasty characters who blow up weddings and children buying ice cream will come to Saudi Arabia at some point. The Saudi security fence is a huge vote of no-confidence in the Iraq that Bush built. Let's put it this way. Americans think of the puritanical Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia as the most militant of the Muslims. Now, the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia are saying that they are afraid of the Iraqis. What does that tell you? Or what does it tell the American public that the Saudi government views Iraq rather the way the Israeli government views the Palestinians?"
* ftr - cnni is playing the Foley story again and again, and they just mentioned the Black/Tenet/Rice story. breakin out.

* someone has created a wikipedia page for Sibel's KTM


Don said...

* someone has created a wikipedia page for Sibel's KTM

Interesting indeed. It also includes a link to your KTM site.

A side note, equally interesting, is that Wikipedia's page Sibel herself also includes a link to your 28/12/05 post on "sibel edmonds, brewster jennings, edelman and grossman" as an external link reference. Nice bit o' exposure, mate!

lukery said...

anyone who is following sibel's story should know that i'm the 'go to' guy for this :-)

i actually added the link to to wiki's KTM me'self - after this comment

(the other link i had nuthin to do with)

i did add the KTM section to Sibel's wiki page tho

rimone said...

you. go. Lukery!

i wish Sibel the best of luck; still pretty confused w/the information overload you've posted about her situ as well as her comments on it over the last month or two. back when i first heard about her, i posted three or four times, starting in june 04, on her. but w/all the shit hitting the fan, my poor brain refuses to take in and incorporate all the little extras which, thanks to you, Sibel et al., have since emerged.

(remember, i'm like Homer--whenever i learn something new, it pushes out some of the old stuff.)

i'm totally burnt out and feel absolutely helpless, even more so hearing about Larissa's cousin et al.

thanks to bu$hCo, i fucking hate my country, neo-amerika.

Kryten42 said...

Nice roundup Lukery! :)

I visited your 'Kill the Messenger: Sibel Edmonds' blog. You've done some great work on Sibel's story.

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that all the BS is tied together. Edmunds, Plame, Iraq, several members of the GOP Administration, GOP paedophiles in the Administration, prostitution, various strange and suspicious deaths over the past decade, money laundering, arms deals, PAC's, the MIC, the media, various Corporations, the religious right, etc, etc. It's all getting a bit complicated!

I started making a kind of timeline, but there are too many and various cross links. It was too hard to read, so I decided to make up a mindmap, whenever I get a chance!

Looks like tas has decided to close Loaded Mouth after the Nov. elections. I think that will be a real shame, but it is his blog, and it's his right.

Anyway, I'll let you know if I make any progress on a map. :)

Cheers, and thanks m8. :)

Superteemu said...

"cnni is playing the Foley story again and again, and they just mentioned the Black/Tenet/Rice story. breakin out."

Quite an October Surprise, eh? Let dems rejoice while they still can... I'm holding my breath, waiting for the counterattack that MUST be on it's way. Desperate times call for drastic measures - I'm sure that simple Osama tape won't do this time.

Don said...

I'm holding my breath, waiting for the counterattack that MUST be on it's way.

That's the fucked up (and frustrating) thing about all of this, that, strictly speaking, there's been no 'attack' to counter; it's just GOP malfeasance coming out en masse. Some days it seems they're thinking the only way to get peoples' minds of a new scandal is an even bigger scandal.

The Dem's better get their collective shit together and soon, focus together on the big goal and worry about the details later. Otherwise, the GOP meme will shortly be "the couldn't do squat even with our asses hanging out"; they're always focused on the finish line, screw the details.

lukery said...

i hate bushco too.

it looks like LeeB might have had some luck with larisa's cousin. yay, LeeB.

lukery said...

teemu - what don said.

Kryten - sorry to hear about Tas. Would love to see your mindmap when you get it done. i agree with you that most of the shite is related.

Kathleen said...

Odom for President!!!