Wednesday, October 04, 2006

mexico: at anytime the violence could return

* amy:
"In Mexico, President Vicente Fox is warning that force could be used to crush a popular uprising in the state of Oaxaca. Fox made the comments on Monday as Mexico marked the anniversary of the 1968 student massacre in Mexico City.
Vicente Fox: "While the possibility exists to reach an agreement we will continue to insist on it, in reaching an agreement and resolving everything in that manner. If this does not happen, violations of the law must always be stopped, and must be punished. This government is ready to fulfill its responsibility on both accounts. First, to promote a dialogue, to look for a democratic understanding, and, to always uphold the application of the law."
Over the past few months in Oaxaca, tens of thousands of striking public school teachers and other protesters have launched a widespread campaign of civil disobedience. The protesters are calling for Oaxaca governor Ruiz Oritiz to resign. Protesters have blockaded streets and government buildings and have taken over the state-run television station.
Alberto Ramirez, a leader of the Armed Revolutionary Organization for the People of Oaxaca: "They were spy planes because they flew over with their lights switched off. They brought a (surveillance) dish, we knew that is was a radar. So you can see, they (the military) they way they see the situation is that we have taken over Oaxaca and maybe they consider us enemies of the nation. Because only if this is so, they can allow this kind of treatment that we are being subjected to from the Mexican government. And we are here on guard because at anytime the violence could return and we will be here waiting."

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