Saturday, October 28, 2006

The most corrupt and worthless pundits

* emptywheel:
"I think Patrick Fitzgerald is looking forward to grilling Scooter Libby on the stand. If his treatment of "expert witness" Elizabeth Loftus is any indication--which, according to the AP's Matt Appuzo, left audience members shaking their heads--then CSPAN's going to be setting viewership records come January... But the most important parts of the story are, firstly, that curmudgeonly Judge Walton seems to think this memory expert stuff is pointless, too.
* wow. brithhume showed the whole DNC's "Stay The Course" ad during the panel session - and there was hardly any pushback from the 'AllStars'.

* glenn:
"So, in just over two years in (Peggy) Noonan's world, George Bush went from being the responsible, concerned, trustworthy, humble neighbor-Everyman who realized that he was just another regular guy like the rest of us, to an arrogant, hubristic know-it-all tyrant who listens to nobody, stomps out dissent, and is completely irresponsible with his duties. And she now depicts Bush in this way while pretending that she never stumbled all over herself with oozing praise that was the very antithesis of what she is now describing.

The most corrupt and worthless pundits are those who never do anything other than spout the most conventional and recent partisan wisdom -- even if it directly contradicts what they had repeatedly said in the past -- and who always pretend that they possess the superior wisdom even when they have been so plainly wrong about everything. It's that dynamic that explains how hordes of Bush followers in the public sphere (such as Noonan) who spent years loyally defending his every step -- and demonizing those who opposed him ("criticizing the Commander-in-Chief during a time of war") -- are now posturing as hard-nosed critics who, all along, realized that Bush wasn't a "real conservative" and was too flawed for the job.
The disasters facing our country didn't happen because George Bush, the individual, was flawed. They have happened because the entire movement which propped him up and glorified him for so long is craven, corrupt and radical. It is critical that they not be permitted to jettison Bush (now that he has outlived his purpose) while pretending that he failed to adhere to what they wanted."
* glenn:
"Nobody knows for certain, but it is a clear possibility that our post-election strategy in Iraq will entail a substantial escalation in violence, attacks, killings and resources. That is what the President's supporters believe is the missing ingredient to allow them to finally achieve Victory in this great war."
* glenn:
"Our highest government officials now talk openly and enthusiastically -- almost playfully -- about taking people and "dunking them in water" -- meaning strapping them to a board, wrapping their faces in cellophane, and causing them to feel as though they are drowning to death -- only to then sermonize about the need for serious leaders to spread our civilized and democratic values around the world. And finally, Bush followers accuse their political opponents of being allies of The Terrorists and working to defeat the U.S. in its War -- indeed, that has become one of their core "arguments" -- and then afterwards piously lament that "the Left" engages in such angry and mean-spirited political dialogue and that people "in the Heartland" (who are always on their side) so very much wish the tone of politics would improve."


oldschool said...

An ex-Navy Seal demonstrated on Olbermann tonight how waterboarding is done. Not cellophane, but a rag placed over the nose and mouth with water continuously poured over the rag.

Jonathon Turley noted that though Cheney denies he meant waterboarding and spoke only of 'dunking in water', no one has (or can) offer a plausible alternative as to what he *did* mean. The only interrogation technique which in any way involves water is - waterboarding.

Turley said "we have embraced torture as a practice, which is one of the most despicable changes in this country's history."

I've noticed that Turley is never smiling anymore when Olbermann introduces him.

noise said...

Did Congress bring in a bunch of experts to evaluate the CIA program that is an "indispensable" tool in the WoT?

Nope. Bush's word was enough proof for them. Nothing f**ked up about that eh?

lukery said...

perhaps we should start practicing withstanding waterboarding.

although i've years of practise gagging already.

i love turley. c&l doesnt have the clip up yet. dammit.

rimone said...

what noise said.