Monday, October 23, 2006

Oklahoma's republicans standard for mental cretinism (guest post by Uranus)

Blithering idiots rejoice. Bobbing as we are in what seems an endless sea of republican nitwits and feebs, it never comes as a surprise when yet another Oklahoma republican captures world headlines with a demonstration of mental prowess light years less than severely retarded. There's Sen. Jim Inhofe who claims global warming is the biggest myth ever perpetrated on Americans, earmarked funds to build an interstate exit for Rev. Pat Robertson's use because he "loves" him and who dares us to find a homo in his family. What a tool! Then there's Rep. Ernest Istook who's retiring from the House to run for governor on the no-immigrant-left-behind-detention platform. Istook's claims to fame include such things as Sec. 177 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2004, banning free speech on every transit system in the country which receives government funds, fearing people's minds would be poisoned by ads from the ACLU, Change the Climate, Drug Policy Alliance and the Marijuana Policy Project.

Ernest is always doing something to make our state proud. He gave $6,000 he received from Jack Abramoff to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, but he's keeping the other $24,000, insisting he's done nothing wrong. Then there was this thing called the "Istook Amendment" which severely limited privately-funded advocacy by federal grantee charities and created new, burdensome regulations and paperwork requirements. But what we really like this damn fool least for is he's reputed to have moved the B-1 bomber home depot program from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City to Salt Lake City, which is the home of the Mormon church, of which Istook is a member. Seems Ernest is more beholden to his church in Utah than his constituents in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is 47th in per capita income and the only state west of the Mississippi to lose a Congressional seat in the 2000 census--so you can understand some people are quite unhappy with this sorry and stupid mother fucker.

If you'd like to see the latest republican imbecile to embarrass the hell out of us, click the link above: it's about a guy named Bill Crozier, who's running for state superintendent of education on the duck-and-cover platform. Bill says school children can fend off armed attackers with textbooks, and has a video at the link to show how. Ya see, Oklahoma 'publicans figger they kin do whatever they want so long as the 'scuse is to perteck childurn:

"This would be to protect the children in an immediate situation. This is something that any student, any classroom in the country could do immediately," he said.

"Not everybody would be saved in that situation, of course. But many of them would, and instead of running away or being lined up ... this is a way for the children to fight back," he said.
Just when I thought I'd seen everything, along comes yet another mentally compromised tragedy of a man, who makes me want to hide in the corner. Bill's from Union City where the big employer is a state prison. I'm glad I don't have kids.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Man! I worked and worked and worked to get this little entry to display correctly. I'm not going to edit it again. I figure eight dozen times is enough. Blogger HTML doesn't like me. I don't like it. It does whatever it wants, and my wishes be damned. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story about Bill. He's the usual kind of republican boob we get running things here.

rimone said...

this shit kills me (your entire piece killed me, but this is insane):

Bill says school children can fend off armed attackers with textbooks

does the vid show how kids can quickly rip out the pages and bury the gunmen in flurries of paper aeroplanes?

"We are doing this as an experiment because at Fort Gibson, many young people were shot in the back they should give out little belts so kids can just wear the heavy books on their backs, just in case.

amazing, just stunning how this moron is taken seriously. oh wait. lol, never mind.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

My brother worked as a contractor for the B-1 bomber project for awhile. It's about a thousand planes which employ stealth technology and fly at supersonic speeds below radar, delivering a payload roughly equal to a B-52 and each plane is different. Tinker is also home depot for AWACS. They build and test cruise missiles at Tinker. That fact isn't widely known. Istook would move all that stuff out of Oklahoma along with thousands of the best paying jobs in the state. Regrettable how dependent we are on government defense payroll.

I couldn't believe the Crozier story is getting so much attention. That's a good point about the books on their backs. Bill doesn't offer a solution for that. Is teaching school kids that their books are shields a good idea? Also, Bill seems a little too much at home with his guns--is he going to shoot your kid if you don't vote for him? If you watch that video, it's way past laughable, it's completely ridiculous. This guy is trying to find something to do with obsolete school textbooks and thinks he can cruise himself into a good job at the same time. For shame!

rimone said...

i didn't know we still had shame--i thought pride in fuck-ups was their new shame.

people are idiots, now more than ever--unfortunately we're all suffering from their stupidity.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Buzzflash had a link to that story (the local ABC affiliate's website), but they took it down. Perhaps it hurt someone's feelings. I'm still laughing about it.