Sunday, October 15, 2006

poor immigrants

* simbaud:
"Say, if we really wanted to win a few hearts and minds, maybe we should print up 655,000 Flat Iraqis."
you'll have to go read/see the whole thing to understand what the hell simbaud is talking about.

* tristero:
"Even a Democratically controlled Congress may very well go along with Bush's war plans in order to avoid a catastrophic showdown over who really has the true power in America these days.*** It may mean that the confrontation over Bush/Iran could devolve into an open clash between Bush and very reluctant generals, with Congress stuck, badly, in the middle. (And I can clearly see the headlines on Fox declaring a " military coup d 'etat" and "mutiny.") But frankly, I doubt it. I suspect that there will be no major dramatic confrontations and, barring the totally unforeseen, that Bush could get away with starting another war. Possibly even a nuclear war - and then watch the fur fly as the world condemns the US and Congress tries to figure out what to do while the bodies of radiated children are displayed on television and Bush demands "loyalty in a time of active war.""
* everyone is making fun of peggy noonan. again. digby, wolcott, glenn,

* youtube mashup: "video of tony blair covering should i stay or should i go (the clash)"
pretty funny. i hope someone does the same with Denny.

* ong. am watching the Beltway Boys on Fox. They showed a Harold Ford campaign ad where he mentions that Corker employed some illegal immigrants on a work site. Fred Barnes:
'a shameless racist attack, some poor family was just trying to make some money and Corker employed these people to help them out'

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