Friday, October 06, 2006

popular dictators.

* via holden:
"Sixty-one percent (61%) of American adults believe that Republican leaders have been “protecting [Mark] Foley for several years.” A Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey conducted Tuesday and Wednesday nights shows that only 21% believe that the leadership “just learn[ed] about Foley’s problems last week."
* Candy Crowley on Larry King:
"L. KING: The problem is still Israel/Palestine, isn't it, Candy? The focus of all that?

CROWLEY: Absolutely. It always is. I mean, you know, the problem -- but it's just gotten worse again because, as John said, the diminution of U.S. power and U.S. influence in the area, on Chavez and the president of Iran,I mean, we're back to all politics is local. This helps them with the home team crowd. That's what this is about. It's -- you know, if you're a dictator, if you're a guy that has power through means other than democracy, you've got to play the hometown crowd so they don't run it up."
ummmmm. i had presumed that i misheard her say that, apparently not.

* atrios:
"Freeh No More

Apparently Pelosi shut that one down. Shame, actually, would've been fun to spend a couple of days talking about all the reasons Freeh was a truly awful choice before he ended up resigning anyway."
* josh:
"And whatever Denny Hastert may have done or not done on the page front, you at least have to say on his behalf that he's certainly one of the most dishonest and irresponsible Speakers in the history of the House."

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