Sunday, October 08, 2006

postsecret. with commentary!

postsecret. with commentary!

lots of people talk about their blog(s) owning them. i don't really feel like that - cos i don't have any outside interests (as you know, or can infer) - although perhaps if i didnt blog, i might get some outside interests. who knows.

blog(s), plural is interesting - i actually posted at four of my own different blogs yesterday. i think that's a record.

Also, I went to a performance of The Nutcracker last night - amateur-ish ballet was never really my thing - it was better than i expected, but for about 70% of the performace, my mind was occupied thinking about bloggy stuff. that's pretty sad.

I don't really want to change the world, I wish she'd fucking take care of herself. but she isn't. and i know that 99% of the stuff that i post here is generic stuff that you can find at any of a thousand other blogs, and I should probably drop most of it - but i reckon that 1% of the stuff that i do is somewhat important - connecting the dots re sibel's story, or trying to put larisa's stories together, or finding a snippet that emptywheel might find useful, or the impeachment stuff, or trying to keep a good guy outta jail (more on this later)

i don't really 'think i can' change the world - but there's the slightest chance that I can help nudge her a teensy-weensy bit closer to the tipping point - and that's sufficient motivation for me to try.

meantime, i'm actually fascinated/horrified watching the trainwreck, and i also made lotsa great friends and learnt a lot along the way. thanks y'all.


rimone said...

i don't have any outside interests

you bloody boring bastard! hahahaha.

come up here and visit me and i'm totally sure you'll have PLENTY of interests (being high maintenance, i can take up anyone's time 24/7 if i wanna). :-)

lukery said...

egads! who will save the world in the meantime?

rimone said...

dude, after the first five minutes w/me, i'll betcha anything that you'd totally forget about any saving the world. i can do that if i wanna, depending w/whom i'm actually in meatspace.