Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Susan Lindauer

From an email from Damien:
Just a note on a topic you probably know already:
Susan Lindauer. This is all new to me, but she's Andy Card's cousin and was heavily involved as a back-channel agent with Syria, Libya and Lockerbie.

There's a wikpedia link about her:

Her main claim to fame is that she " tried to save Iraqi and American lives
by acting as a diplomatic back-channel between the Iraqi government, and the
U.S government in the person of her cousin, White House Chief of Staff
Andrew Card. Among other things, she conveyed the message in March 2001 that
the Iraqi government was very eager to have weapons inspectors come back to
their country in order to prove that they had no weapons of mass

The link below provides (alleged) copies of her correspondance with cousin
Andy Card pointing all this out and offering to assist.

It seems she was arrested in March 2004 and charged with being an
unregistered lobbyist for Iraq. Lindauer's claim was that she was seeking to
tesify before Congress re pre-Iraq intel. She was out on bail for 18 months
on the charges and then out of the blue the US admin locked her up on mental
illness grounds (which would appear to have been contrived). Anyhow, she's
free now.

Greg Szymanski also has a recent story about her (don't hold that against

I don't really know anything other than superficial details, but she's an
interesting character. The best bit appears to be jpg images of her
correspondance to Andy Card from March 2001. If they are genuine then they
are very interesting indeed. (see cosmicpenguin link, down the page).
Nope - I didn't know this story. Thanks, D.


damien said...

btw everyone should know about the third commercial plane in downtown NY on the morning of 911. It's on the videos, circling the towers. So what plane is it? And what was it doing in a restricted airspace?

damien said...

One of the more astonishing claims by Susan Lindauer is in this letter.

"Iraq demonstrated a good faith toward U.S.A. in 1993 after Oklahoma trade center previous accident, and informed American government through Iraqi interest section in Washington that it (Iraq) was prepared to provide U.S.A. With Some Information [their capitalization] about the perpetrators of 1993 accident if America would send a delegate to Baghdad, but the American side dealt with our offer improperly. That means eventually they rejected to meet us."

This poor Arabic-English translation was allegedly received by Lindauer on 24 Oct 2001 from the Iraqi diplomat in NY in the expectation that it would make it's way to the WH through her. The comment just given formed just a small part of a broader set of talking points with the WH. Lindauer claims she left the material pretty much as she received it because she did not wish to convey unintended ideas from the Iraqis.

A word about these alleged letters - aside from the above poor translation section, Lindauer's letters are of a diplomatic and polished style. They have many minor details that would support claims that the letters are real. In the alternative, they would be a considerable literary achievement. Given that Lindauer has held high level liason positions for the US government and was charged with being an unregistered agent for Iraq I suspect that they are completely true. Which makes the offer to provide information in regard to the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing(!) absolutely fascinating.

minor point: she's Andy Card's second cousin.

viget said...

I'm confused here.

1993 was the WTC in New York bombing; the Oklahoma City bombing was in April of 1995. Since the letter specificially mentions 1993, I assume they're talking about the WTC bombing, no?

damien said...

You're right. That's my bad reading of the letter. They are referring to the 1993 bombing incident and an offer to provide information about that. "Iraq demonstrated a good faith toward U.S.A. in 1993 after Oklahoma trade center previous accident." appears just be just an incidental reference to Oklahoma.

My misreading of this was due to the fact that there have been a number of theories put forward about Oklahoma involving the FBI and alleged arab perpetrators. Some have argued that both the WTC 1993 bombing and Oklahoma were carried out by the same people who carried out 911. That's the basis of my misreading of Lindauer's letter.

You're right. They're talking about WTC 1993.