Tuesday, October 31, 2006

teh Hastert funnies

* ron has a case of teh Hastert funnies. here and here.

* you might remember this from my interview with larisa:
Luke: Hopefully we can make that an election issue in Hastert's race against John Laesch in November

LA: I dont know - I dont think he's going to be running.

Luke: Wow - really?

LA: I have a feeling that the way things are going - remember, there are factional turf wars much like the kinds you see in organized crime. They're at each others' throats - because greed knows no loyalty. I think he's made a tactical error in attempting to remove Duncan Hunter from the Armed Services Committee.

Remember, regarding the Dubai ports deal, Duncan Hunter recently came forward and said that Dubai had allowed nuclear switches and heavy water to be shipped from Turkey, via Dubai, to Iran, the same switches I referenced above as being accurate but together in the wrong context - and shortly thereafter Hastert tried to remove (I am still trying to firm up what actually occurred) Hunter from the Armed Services Committee.

Luke: That's right - and Dubai rejected a U.S. request to stop the shipment.

LA: Right - and I think that really opens Hastert up - if Hunter wants to put some pressure on. In other words, Duncan Hunter is a fairly powerful individual, and fairly aggressive. Despite my reporting on Hunter in certain business areas of his, he really seems to be very much against outsourcing of security of any sort. There seems to be a principle there for him, and he seems to be very adamant about that. So Hunter and his faction have a lot of ammunition should Hunter want to retain his seat, or whatnot. It gives a lot of power and persuasion to that argument. So it should be interesting how this plays out

Luke: Interesting indeed.
Larisa sent me an email earlier saying that Hunter was going to announce his presidential bid. It'd be interesting to know if Hunter has anything to do with Denny's current problems... Is the Turkish faction going to the wall?

* joementum's campaign responds to the NYT's endorsement on Nedmentum:
"Instead, the Times’ ill-informed and tendentious endorsement of Ned Lamont reads as if the editors had outsourced the editorial writing to the same crew of blindingly angry bloggers who have teamed with the Lamont Campaign to twist Joe Lieberman’s record beyond all recognition.

What resulted -– a cant recitation of discredited arguments, along with a willful ignorance of Senator Lieberman’s many accomplishments for the state and the country –- reveals far more about the Times’ knee-jerk biases and lack of rigor than either of the candidates.

The Times most obviously shows its narrow-mindedness by reducing the entire campaign to the war in Iraq, despite the fact that two-thirds of voters in Connecticut consistently say it is not their top concern. Even worse, the Times shows its disinterest in the truth by regurgitating several of the bloggers’ biggest falsehoods and grossly mischaracterizing Senator Lieberman’s position on Iraq.
The most blatant evidence that the fix was in was your assertion that Mr. Lamont is “the far better candidate” to serve in the U.S. Senate. That is simply incomprehensible – and frankly an insult to your readers’ intelligence. "
there's more.

* jeralyn:
CNN Brings Bloggers to D.C. for Election Night

We'll be blogging the results and news tidbits live -- it should be a lot of fun.

Atrios, Christy of Firedoglake, John of Crooks and Liars will also be there.
i'll be drinking, and blogging. variously scared and optimistic, by turns. and swearing at Blogger (actually, let me announce here, that if Blogger is having any troubles whatsoever on Tuesday night, i'll be over at my other site. Check in there if i'm not posting every few seconds.)


Kathleen said...

The New York Times!!!Are they trying to make ammends for all that Judith Miller crapola that helped public opinion along on the use of force in Iraq?

I guess the awesomeblogginess got to Joementum. I even got an email from him today. That's a first. In all the times I've called and written letters to him about Harriet Miers, Alito, filibusters, John Bolton, Military Commissions Act. Lt. Watada, I've never even gotten a form letter back. Although I've never emailed him, he thanks me for doing it and will get back to me with more. I have no idea what he's talking about or how he got my email address. He's definitely spooked, just in time for Halloween. Wonder what the polls will show this week I hope that Goddamned Gang of 14 goes south and takes Joementum down the drain.

LeeB said...

Gang of 14 and Joementum down the drain?

Off the top of your head, Kathleen, is anyone else in that gang up for re-election right now? I forget . . . oh, yeah . . . Robert Byrd is. Is DeWine part of the gang? I forget . . . :-(

Luke, thanks for the heads-up about election coverage. Methinks bookmarking those sites right now would be smart. I have a jug of Chablis and a bottle of champagne and my fingernails are not long enough for very much foolishness . . . just so you know. I need it to get wrapped up in our favor very quickly. Just sayin . . .

I wish Blogger would clean up its act. You have no doubt also noticed the double posts. Weird. I had a comment over the weekend that refused to show up, despite the comment thingie saying it had been saved. Then 15 hours later, there it was. Makes one dizzy.

Kathleen said...

Off the top of my head, yes, De Wine is, Lindsey Graham, Mary Landruei, Joementum, have to go to Vichy Dems to get the list of the 7 Dems. I call them 7 brides for 7 brothers.

After reading the "there's more' I feel I have to say that Joementum was most asuredly NOT part of the antiwar movement in the 60's. He was a Johnson/Humprhey Dem Hawk and yes, he does need to be lectured by Ned and others.

I was one of 9 Gene McCarthy delegates to the Chicago Convention and believe me I do know who in CT. was and was not part of the antiwar movement.

In 1970, Joementum supported Joe Duffey a former McCarthy supporter, for US Senate, but that was because Duffey won the primary against Tom Dodd and was the Dem candidate, not because Duffey had been antiwar. Now Joementum is trying to make his support for Duffey seem like he was part of that antiwar movement because its fashionable. He's lying.

rimone said...

Jeralyn: We'll be blogging the results and news tidbits live -- it should be a lot of fun.

what does Jeralyn know that we don't? i still haven't made up my mind whether to watch BBC News or not...election night 04 had me all happy but the next morning 3 or 4AM GMT had me near suicidal.

i dunno what to do...i might just get dead drunk so at least when i find out what happened it won't hit me so hard.

yep...i fear the worst; not that we won't win but that it'll all be stolen again.

oldschool said...

I guess I'll fit right in here election night. Anxious, excited, scared shitless. Alternating eupohoria and angry depression.

Hell, the night of the Lamont/Lieberman primary almost did me in - how in the world am I gonna make it through November 7?

it should be a lot of fun.

Sadisitic woman. It'll be something, but 'fun' doesn't sound like the right word - more like a prolonged anxiety attack.

On the other hand, I could be entirely wrong, the D's could roll, and we'll all party like it's 1999.

lukery said...

lamont night was kinda fun to spend with y'all. getting sloshed.

election 04 was a horror for me - i was sure that we wouldnt win - so i wasn't really interested - until all the betting markets went beserk and we HAD IT WON - and then... shellshock.