Friday, October 27, 2006

the usual GOP gay-bashing election ads

* americablog:
"I was a bit surprised not seeing the usual GOP gay-bashing election ads this month, the stuff that always comes up the month before the election, since homophobia is usually the bigotry of choice for Republicans wanting to get out the vote. But this year is different. For some reason the GOP has decided to ignore the gays, and even Latinos, and go back to their tried and true traditional old racism."

* amy:
"NATO Accused of Killing At Least 60 Afghan Civilians
NATO is being accused of committing the worst single killing of Afghan civilians since the US-led invasion of 2001. Government officials told the Associated Press between sixty and eight-five civilians died in NATO attacks in Kandahar province earlier this week. NATO maintains the dead were militants but says it’s investigating. The news comes less than a week after NATO killed nine Afghan civilians in another air strike on Kandahar."

* foreignpolicy:
"What are the most environmentally destructive countries in the world? How about Oz? According to a new Living Planet report from the WWF, Australia is among the world's top consumers of resources. The amount of global land and water it takes to sustain each person's lifestyle is 6.6 hectares, making Australians worse than the British, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, and Russians. Australia's poor showing is due to the country's high greenhouse gas emissions, among the worst in the world. But Australia is hardly the only culprit. In fact, it's "only" the sixth worst in terms of its global ecological footprint. The top ten culprits are the UAE, United States, Finland, Canada, Kuwait, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, New Zealand, and Norway. China ranks 69."
yay, us.

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