Tuesday, October 03, 2006

viewer discretion advised

* foley is the top story on lehrer. i can't stand the american propensity for euphemisms - lehrer says that the emails referred to 'body parts' - compare for example the Independent (UK):
Mr Foley's eye-popping indiscretions with the teenage boys who act as runners and factotums on Capitol Hill - including one lengthy exchange about masturbation and his own sexual arousal - might have been less damaging had he not also served as co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.
* the tv channel that will show the sibel doc in Oz is now showing a program re Bush and global warming, - at the start there was a disclaimer saying that 'viewer discretion is advised' - lol. even frank luntz is on their ass.


damien said...

assimilated press is having fun with this.

Miguel said...

How come Hastert ignoring lewd emails by a colleague is something worth demanding his resignation over, but the fact that he may have taken bribes from a foreign power is not?

Hey, whatever happened to HookerGate?

LeeB said...

Miguel, very good question!

If I may be so bold as to an attempt an answer . . .

* Lewd emails are not the issue; targeting juveniles is an issue.

* hypocrisy is an issue - this is the party of 'values voters' . . . (?!);

* a work place free of harassment is an issue - there is a huge power disparity between a 52-year-old elected member of Congress and teen-age pages. The willingness or un-willingness of the juveniles is irrelevant;

* being faithful to promises of safety given to the parents of the teens allowed, by their parents, to participate in one of the nation's best 'civics lessons' is an issue;

* the Republicans are . . . well, shall we say 'nervous' about the effects of this scandal on election day, so it is the Republicans who are calling for Hastert's resignation (not out of any concern for the kids, you'll note).

* The Democrats are calling for an investigation. A REAL investigation, that is. As others have pointed out, Hastert's call for an investigation is an attempt to deflect an investigation to the victims and those who provided evidence (the emails) to the press - not to focus on him and not any other members of the GOP 'leadership.'

* As of late last night or maybe this morning sometime, it has come out that some are questioning the timing of Foley's $100,000 donation to the Republicans' re-election campaigns; was that hush money?

* If we get an actual investigation - like, under a Democratic Party-controlled House - could such an investigation, possibly including bribery, spill over to taking bribes from a foreign power? . . . like, um . . . because of a pattern of behavior?

Personally, I'm sorta of the opinion that whatever rotten spot provides a point of entry into the situation can lead all sorts of places. :-)

Hookergate?? you mean in connection to ongoing bribery investigations? I suspect the key phrase is "ongoing investigations," and is why we're not hearing very much. Think Fitz.

lukery said...

thnx leeb

rimone said...

totally OT: 5 more days until death of a president is shown here, whoo-hooooo! (starting 4th 'graph down at my link).

calipendence said...

Hey, what's with Foley suddenly being known as a Florida "Democrat"? Both the Assimilated Press and Faux News seem to be reporting this... Your "librul media" at work folks!

lukery said...

c/p - it's called 'balanced reporting'