Sunday, October 01, 2006

what's blastin?

what a week - i've gone from terrible despair (torture, habeus) to the NIE, Woodward and Foley things.

given the positive feedback i got from last week's post on fave dishes & weird crushes - lets have a weekender post on fave flashback music. ftr, i'm a dance music freak and you won't have heard of any of my faves - but today i listened to two of my fave flashbacks - Concrete Blonde and Lloyd Cole.

Tell me what you like - but only if it's interesting. For today's purposes I'm not interested if you like whitney houston. i can understand if you might want to mention a mega-band like U2 for example - but i generally wanna hear about stuff that you like that you won't be embarrased taliking about.

and yep, rimone will talk about alabama3 who i've never listened to.

what's blastin?


PrissyPatriot said...

Some of the best dance floors is in them thar' hills...when I worked for the state, I took a job in the southern part of Ohio. Oh boy...

Nothing to do there on a Saturday night...or so I thought. I heard there was a pole barn with a bar in it that was hoppin' every weekend.

It was truly a dive-but everyone went-the poor, the rich and those in the middle-no airs of grander there... There were so many on the dance floor, you could lose your date.
Everytime I hear What's Up-
by 4 Non Blondes I think about that place...ah, good times:-)

Kathleen said...

I love dance music, toooo. Reggae and Salsa, all day long. Bob Marley, Sly Dunbar, Peter Tosh and then there's Saaaaantaaaana, Havana Moon, Europa, Black Magic Woman. Anyone ever listened to Nigerian musician, King Sunny Ade, Synchro System?

Reggae makes the blues go away, for me.

Superteemu said...

Nothing wrong with King Sunny Ade, but I prefer Fela Kuti :) if that counts. My brother has a house full of djembe drums and african records, and he even did a tour in southern africa as a drummer, so I've had my share of african music...

I like "Joey", but Concrete Blonde to me is mainly "that band that did cover of Cave's Ship Song". (Speaking of Aussies, I'd like to thank Australia for Wolfmother - now, make them do 20 songs like "Woman"!)

Flashbacks... well, I can't name any songs, but my favorite moment ever was in a summer jazz festival few years ago. It was very expensive late-night concert in a giant outdoor tent. Too late, in fact, because most of the audience dozed off and left during a great show of Charlie Hunter, and when the final act - One O'Clock Lab Band, a great Texan big band - started playing, me and my friend were the only ones in the audience. I'd say I felt like a king when band of maybe 20-30 players played a superb full-hour gig just for me. After each solo I clapped, and soloist bowed for me, not just for audience in general. :)

Dance music? I hope we're talking about quality hip-hop / trip-hop here, and not any eurodance crap. (Oh boy, I'm so ashamed of that musical genre being named after continent I happen to live in.)

noise said...

The soundtrack to Flashdance.

lukery said...

prissy - thnx for that. yeah - i remember when my friends would 'go off' when that song was played. (btw - i spent a week in akron once. eek!)

teemu - great stories.

re dance music - i was talking mostly what we call 'progressive dance' - eg digweed, deepdish, oakenfeld etc - and also some of the harder stuff - think carl cox for example - and yep also deep jungle, trip hop etc - as well as some of the more anthemic stuff - chembrothers, underworld, delerium, faithless.

re concrete blonde - i was thinking more of their early albums, yesterday was Walkng in London and Blodletting - quite grungy and dirty. i thuoght they did an ok job with the Ship Song (I LOVE Nick CAve) - and also Tomorrow Wendy - another great track - they did a few great versions of that - incl with Andy Prieboy.

lukery said...

Flashdance soundtrack? I'll have to go looking for that one. i remember having a crush on jennfier whatsername (barnes?) when i was a toddler

lukery said...

K - i've never heard of Sly Dunbar - which album should i check out?

rimone said...

i think we all have different ideas about what 'dance music' is 'and that's cool, man' lol (yeah, TBL again). anyway, apart from Alabama 3, i totally love to dance to Daft Punk, Underworld, Crystal Method, Fluke, the Murderdolls, a few but not all of Boom Boom Satellites, My Life w/the Thrill Kill Kult, Rage Against the Machine, Aretha, Freda Payne, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, JAMES FUCKING BROWN... *pant pant pant* stop me before i kill again, i mean, look in my i-Tunes again cause my memory's fucked. :-)

ps, i'd like to have a word w/you, Luke, about that non-listening to the many glorious facets and mixed genres of the Alabama 3. as they put it themselves, 'sweet pretty motherfuckin' gospel country acid house music all night long.'

at least give a listen to my all time fave remix (produced by Arthur Baker!!!) of Mansion on the Hill. it even has politics in, when Larry comes in raving near the end about smashing the status quo as well as mentioning the preznit, president, the PM &c and ending w/'there will be peace in the valley, sometime, as soon as we get the key to the motherfuckin' mansion on the hill.'

rimone said...

ps, if y'all don't dig it i won't hate you or anything--they're not for everyone, lol.

rimone said...

superteemu: not any eurodance crap. (Oh boy, I'm so ashamed of that musical genre being named after continent I happen to live in.)

*snigger* i know, i know. i'm ashamed of lots of things from my home country.