Monday, October 30, 2006

the world's greatest democracy.

* atrios:
"Well, leave it to old Saddam to say what everyone knows to be true but which no one is talking about. According to CNN he asserts that his Nov. 5 verdict is for propaganda purposes for the US election. Well, duhh."
* huffpo:
"On Sunday's The Chris Matthews Show, NBC Congressional Correspondent Chip Reid dropped a bomb during Matthew's "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" segment. "I'm going to be a little cryptic here," Reid began, then added, ""the Mark Foley scandal investigation is going to widen a little bit.""

* jane:
"A hundred years from now (okay, maybe ten) when people sit around open-mouthed and marvel at the Pravda-esque state of early 21st Century American journalism and the outrageous deceptions perpetuated by those who smugly considered themselves to be titans of the craft, they are going to look at the work of Keith Olbermann and say "WTF? Why wasn't everybody listening to that guy?" "

* i'm watching FoxNews Sunday - Chris Wallace had his wheaties this morning - he was actually quite fair to the Dems! amazing.

* johncole:
"We might get back a bit of what we had if the GOP goes down in a glorious wreck this November, but I wouldn’t get excited just yet. Here’s a simple metric – count the days it takes each network to put up a graphic reading: Have the Democrats Gone Too Far? It doesn’t really matter what the actual topic is, since it is hard to imagine an area of government which the GOP has not pushed to ludicrous extremes. Inevitably the Dems will try to push some policy topic back into sane world and one of the David Broders will declare his feelings hurt."

* bobharris:
"The delivery of the verdict in Saddam Hussein’s trial, originally set for October 16th, has been postponed… until the Sunday before the vote on Tuesday, November 7th.

Which means the news cycle on Monday, November 6th, the day before the elections, will be filled with reports about the conviction of Saddam Hussein.

Of course, this can be dismissed as a complete coincidence. If you are a complete idiot."
* aflcio via gilliard, georgia10:
"Easily forgotten is how close 15 of the Republicans' victories were in 1994. Had Democrats in key districts won a combined 52,000 more votes, there would have been no "Speaker Gingrich." That failure continues to devastate our country."
the world's greatest democracy.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I'll always remember Newt railing one day about how trashy television had become, and how there should be more programs like CBS's Kissed by an Angel, referring to a tedious, sanctimonious drama about angels helping people with stupid problems. But, if Newt had ever bothered to actually watch this rather bad series, he'd have known the name of it was Touched by an Angel, not Kissed by an Angel. That was pretty much how Newt handled everything, not knowing anything whatsoever about anything, and, carefully focusing on any and every nonissue, happy to let everyone know he knew nothing by endlessly running his big, flapping mouth.

rimone said...

to Bob Harris and Jane Hamsher: TESTIFY!

about Saddam Hussein's verdict...what can i say apart from the entire situation sucks much worse than i thought. i just might get really high and/or drunk (preferably both) so i'm not on top of my television w/BBC all election night, having a stroke or whatever.

Kathleen said...

Newt the Brewt. He's on my PERMANENT SHIT LIST for what he did to former Speaker, Jum Wright, whose primary sin was to be the only one to call for a vote on the automatic annual Congressional pay raises. newt wanted it adopted by acclaimation, so no one would have to go on record as voting for it, the pudgy sleezebag.