Saturday, October 28, 2006

you might have people storming the Bastille

* matt taibbi was on demnow (most a regurge of his RS article on Teh Worst Congress Eva ):
"JUAN GONZALEZ: And the impact of this, first of all, in terms of how much of the American people know about these operations and how they've been going now for the past few years, and the impact on the legislation that comes out?

MATT TAIBBI: Well, I think the American people just don't have any idea of what congressional procedure is like. If they knew the way that laws were made -- or not made, in most cases -- I think, you know, you might have people storming the Bastille, you know. What's happened in Congress now is that the process is completely corrupted. In other words, almost everything is a backroom deal now."

* billmon:
"You could say: To hell with old media, they're just a bunch of senile dinosaurs anyway, who cares who they pander to? But old media, for better or worse, still set the news agenda, and still dominate the political process. And they're doing an energetic, if not yet totally successful, job of sucking up new media and sticking them in the same corporate straight jacket. If they decide, as matter of cold capitalist calculation, that one-party Republican rule is the smart way to bet, that could also become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Maybe I'm wrong -- I hope I am. But if I'm right, then in years to come progressives may look back and sigh for the good old days when journalistic "objectivity" still encouraged the corporate media to give the truth and conservative propaganda equal weight, instead of just mindlessly repeating the latter."

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* (yes - i'm running way behind on comments and emails and stuff still. apologies. again.)


profmarcus said...

i used to have far greater respect for matt until he took up obsessing with 9/11 conspiracy theorists and made it into a personal crusade... while i'm not a big pusher of those theories myself, in cases like that, i prefer to follow my mantra - "i believe everything and i believe nothing..." that way, when new information presents itself, i can look at it without the filter of a strongly-held, particularly in matt's case, opinion... i also suspect, rightly or wrongly, that, as i discovered when i got on the wrong side of david sirota, that there's an industrial size ego operating there that flips readily into a lot of anger when challenged...

lukery said...

prof - you are right - it's easy to have a love/hate relship with taibbi. he's infuriating sometimes - but that's ok (for me).

it's good to have smart people say stuff we dont agree with...