Wednesday, November 08, 2006

20% were undecided last week

* glenn:
"UPDATE III: Fox News just released some of its exit polling data, which were uniformly positive for Democrats (remember, of course, how unreliable exit polls were in 2004).

Voters said they disapproved of Bush's job performance by a 41-58 margin (and Chris Wallace noted that for the 1994 GOP sweep, Clinton's approval rating was higher than that -- 44).

Voters (42%) said the most important issue was "scandals" -- and those who said that, unsurprisingly, voted for Democrats 61-36%.

The second most important issue (33%) was Iraq -- and those who said that, unsurprisingly, voted for Democrats 61-36%.

When asked whether their votes were decided by national or local issues -- many believe that they key for a huge Democratic win is to have a nationalized election -- voters said they decided based on national issues by a 62-33% margin.

Almost 20% of voters were identified as "late deciders" -- those who made up their mind in the last week. Of those, 57% said they voted Democratic and 39% said they voted Republican. So much for the epic late Republican swing.

Finally, Fox said it conducted its own telephone polls in 11 key Senate states, and that 6 Democratic challengers in those states are "running strong," while 3 Republicans look like they will hold on. They were cryptic about it because they don't want to identify any specific state until the polls close, but that is clearly good news for Democrats as well."
20% were undecided last week. sheesh.

* jeralyn:
"CNN: 16 precincts in Ohio were ordered to stay open till 10pm due to voting problems."

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