Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anyway, back to Judy and Fitzgerald

Emptywheel has a quick post up. I'm going to post it in full, for a coupla reasons. i hope she doesnt mind:
"Any Bets on Judy's Source?

No, not her Plame source. Her Muslim charities source. SCOTUS has just ruled that the NYT has to turn over Judy's call data to Fitzgerald to see if the person who leaked word of impending raids on Muslim charities did so with criminal intent. (Thanks to Quicksilver for the heads up.)

I had to explain to someone last week WTF I thought this might be about. "No one could have leaked the information to Judy intentionally, could they have?" the person asked. "Actually," I responded, "I think it is possible." I gave my best guess. I suspect someone might have leaked the info to Judy so it would not be discovered that the Saudis were funding Hamas. I'd guess that someone either in Treasury, or cognizant of what Treasury was doing, laundered the tip through Judy to save our good friends the Saudis some serious embarrassment.

And btw, if you haven't already read Sibel Edmonds' piece on the influence industry in this country, I recommend you do so. She echoes a lot of ideas I raised in this piece, about how dangerous it is when foreign countries can basically bribe their way into influencing your legislative agenda. She highlights the Saudi's successful efforts at avoiding any embarrassment with the 9/11 Commission report. As the press wonders what Dick Cheney was doing in Saudi Arabia this week, they might want to consider Edmond's argument.

Anyway, back to Judy and Fitzgerald. I suspect we'll only learn who her source is if he ends up indicting that person. But he doesn't have much time. The statute of limitations on the first potential crime expires on December 5, the five year anniversary of Judy's first article tipping one of the charities off to the imminent raid.

Man that guy is busy."

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