Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush staying up past his bedtime

White House: Bush staying up past his bedtime
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush usually goes to bed early, but he's expected to stay up past his bedtime tonight to watch the election results, according to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow.

Snow said the loss of Senate seats in Ohio and Pennsylvania was expected. He said they are keeping a close eye on Montana and Missouri, and that they feel confident about holding onto Tennessee.

As for the mood at the White House, Snow said it was one of anticipation. He said Karl Rove and others are eager to get outstanding information from precincts that are still out. Bush will speak tomorrow.


rimone said...

awwww, imagine how pissed off he was.

hahahahahahaha! stoopit fucker. i would've looooooved to be a fly on the wall, watching his dumbass face.

Kathleen said...

Maybe he called in Jeff Gannon/Guckert fucker for consolation.

rimone said...

LOL! hey, whatever happened to that investigation into little jeffy/jimmy's whitehouse visits, anyway?

Kathleen said...

John Conyers and Louise Slaughter did a FOIA to the SS for Jeffey's sign in/out sheets. In some instances he signed in but not out and vice versa. or he signed in at one entrance and out at a different one. I'd love to compare them with Monica's sign in sheets. I'm curous to know if there were press conferences on all of the days when Jeffey was "in". I'd love to see if Jeffey signed in when FLOTUS and "Dollar Bill" Cheney were living it up at Chippendale's. At least Clinton didn't have to pay for his.

rimone said...

kathleen: I'm curous to know if there were press conferences on all of the days when Jeffey was "in".

yeah, really. i think we ALL deserve to know, i mean, we're paying/have paid for this shit.