Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bush's Scream

attaturk chimes in with his version of the scream meme.



rimone said...

here's hoping! *clink!* and *thwoooop*

and any other drugs-taking sounds that act like saying 'cheers', w/which i won't sully your site, lol.

lukery said...

rimone - thanks for recognizing that i DO have STANDARDS

(i need thwoop, brain is melting)

rimone said...

dude, y'already know that if i could only use my goddess-y powers for good, i'd 'poof' some over there to you straightaway.

unfortunately, my slum goddess-y powers can only be used for evil.

lukery said...

click yer heels!

rimone said...

i actually froze my ass off in Brandon Park on tuesday, doing my little witchy heathenesque rituals thingy.

and we won. i totally can't take credit for that although i wish i could, lol.