Sunday, November 19, 2006

but amazingly still prevailed

* parry:
"First, it’s important to recognize some of the key reasons why the American voters were able to wrest at least some control of the nation’s helm from the motley crew of neoconservative ideologues, political operatives and war profiteers who have dominated George W. Bush’s administration.
Still, this match-up – pitting the well-funded right-wing propaganda machine and the giant mainstream media against the tiny information outlets that dared question Bush’s policies – must rank as one of the most imbalanced contests in modern history.

Internet sites, bloggers, progressive radio stations and Comedy Central’s “fake-news” programs lacked both the resources and the audiences of the big-time media outlets, but amazingly still prevailed."


noise said...

Strange that Parry's editorial doesn't mention the word 'oil' once. Or corporate interests.

Just neocon ideology and a power hungry, ignorant President.

Is a radicalized, emboldened Iran good for Israel's security?

I'm not saying Parry is doing this but I've seen a lot of it on the web...that is the notion that Israel dictates US foreign policy. Right. Must be all that oil they have which gives them an upper hand.

I'm not defending Israel's policies either. Just stating that IMO Israel doesn't dictate US foreign policy. Influence by way of foreign agents/lobbyists/AIPAC? Yes. But so do other countries.

lukery said...

perhaps AIPAC represents corporate interests?