Saturday, November 11, 2006

the days of its Majeste Bush are from now on accounts

according to babelfish, this site says:
I join here the bond which speaks about documentary a realise by two French documentalists on Whistle-Blower, Sibel Edmonds, translator with the FBI engagee following the attacks of the 11/09! This woman has fought for 5 years against a whole Administration, Bush Academy, as it over there is called, with the peril his life and of that of his family. She is allee to Congers of the United States, and its judgement in the course of call, following a procedure engagee since 2002, has ete class without continuation! This documentary is of utilite public!

For those and those which include/understand English, I join here an other bond, that of Luke Ryland, journalist Australian, who treats and developpe day after day all the elements of the investigation since his genesis, with the agreement of Sibel!

This business very little mediatisee in Sates, can take gigantic proportions on the local policy with the seizure of power of Democrates on the level of the Institutions, since all clicks it Bush is melee there, since the tete FBI, Robert S. Mueller, with the highest authorities of the State: the Ministry for Justice and the State Department inter alia, as well as international Organizations of echanges and trade, like the ATC (the Council Americano-Turk).

To date, it wheel turns, and the days of its Majeste Bush are from now on accounts...
(machine-translation untouched by human hands)


rimone said...

(machine-translation untouched by human hands)

but the message got through loud and clear AFAIC. congratulations Luke. :-)

um...*to self* don't say it, don't say it, don't say it, ah, fuck it: 'English, motherfucker! DO. YOU. SPEAK. IT?'

um, Luke, for your personal edification, that's from Pulp Fiction (everyone else knows that! lol)

lukery said...



rimone said...

oh, i totally beg to differ w/you, Luke.

shall i count the ways? shit, i take that back; would actually involve me doing some research. off the top o' my head, you pulled the diverse strings of Sibel's story together, you got Larisa to chime in, putting more together....waitaminnit.

i refuse to virtually suck your cock any more (this morning). but i'll high-five w/ya and shout out a huge YES! :-)

lukery said...


rimone said...

refusenik? betcha ass i am. virtually? yup (for now); up close and personal? we'll see about that, lol.

ps, can i lower the discourse any more? i'm trying as fast as i can. :-)

lukery said...

can i lower the discourse any more?
i'd bet my last penny on it ;-)

rimone said...

shit, Negro, that's all you hadda say! lol (pulp fiction)