Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

* guardian:
"Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?
Today would have been Robert Kennedy's 81st birthday. The world is crying out for a compassionate leader like him. If dark forces were behind his elimination, it needs to be investigated"
* oldschool is back in the saddle. way to go, bud. the best news i've heard all day.

* sibel was on expertwitnessradio. mp3. She says that when she was hounding the congressional offices over the last few years, she got the minority members to put it in writing that they'd hold hearings when they were the majority. yay. (see here for the latest NSWBC/ FOIA on the House of Death case)

* ken:
"Now, after all this, Adelman would have us believe that he has absolutely no responsibility for the Iraq disaster? His breaking point on Iraq, he told the Post, was Bush's decision to award Medals of Freedom to Paul Bremer, General Tommy Franks, and George Tenet. “The three individuals who got the highest civilian medals the President can give were responsible for a lot of the debacle that was Iraq.” Adelman sounds jealous, not righteous. It's too bad there’s no medal for being a whining, war-promoting hypocrite."

* people ask me when i'm going to visit the US again. TChris has this:
"It’s no surprise, then, that two-thirds of the business travelers polled by the Discover America Partnership considered the U.S. to be “the worst country in the world” in its treatment of foreign visitors at the border. More surprising, perhaps, is that a similar percentage of respondents fear being mistreated by DHS officials more than they fear terrorism. They viewed U.S. border officials as “arrogant, rude and unpredictable.”"


profmarcus said...

it ain't just "furreners" that the immigration and customs people are rude to... if they happen to have a burr under their saddle, it doesn't matter what country your passport is from... coming in to the u.s. from europe last june, i had my laptop seized in san francisco, no reason given except for "forensics..." i didn't get it back for three weeks... i later found out that a california federal district court had approved warrantless searches and seizures of laptops... i've been back through immigration and customs twice since then, in new york and los angeles (los angeles just this past week), without incident, but, i can tell you, i was plenty nervous both times...

compounding my nervousness coming into los angeles last week was this... when we left the gate in santiago, chile, to taxi out to the runway, we suddenly turned around and headed back to the gate where security agents boarded the plane and escorted a woman off... i haven't seen anything like that happen before and i'm not sure i want to see it again...

lukery said...

jeebus. that sounds terrible PM.

there was a story a while back where a flight from sydney to LA was turned around in midflight becuase - wait for it - one of the flight staff found a piece of paper with the word 'BOB' written on it - and they thought that maybe some terrrrrorist mispelled 'bomb' and for one reason or other they thought that the terrorist wanted to write 'bomb' on a piece of paper.

ya cant be too safe, right?

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Those who were disappointed with Dubya's re-election don't know what disappointment is. Robert Kennedy's is a poignant story. He didn't want to be president and was rightly afraid to run. He didn't have his party's support, but finally he decided not to let fear stop him. He conducted his campaign in the street with only two selling points, giving the poor real help and getting out of Vietnam. In no time he had virtually 100% support; I've never seen such complete support for a candidate, nor do I think I ever will.

So, he got his brains blown out, and America got not one, but two terms from dismal, loathsome Richard Nixon, who was tickled pink America's most popular candidate ever had been murdered and who even the republicans weren't crazy about. And, we got the usual bag of dirty tricks, including domestic wars (crime in the street and drugs), warrantless wiretapping and six more years of Vietnam. Talk about disappointment.

I saw what a great joy it was when one day, we simply called it quits in Vietnam, no exit strategy needed. When Spiro Agnew went to prison and Nixon resigned, it was pure bliss. We'd do well to remember all that now.

steven andresen said...

About this,

"...More surprising, perhaps, is that a similar percentage of respondents fear being mistreated by DHS officials more than they fear terrorism. They viewed U.S. border officials as “arrogant, rude and unpredictable.”..."

I suspect that the border guards believe that terrorist attacks will come from the people they are searching, being rude to, and vandalizing as they try to fly in the planes, or cross the border. The fact is, however, since there was inadequate resolution to the question whether 9-11 was an inside job, there will always be the question whether one of the border guards themselves, or their buddies in the FBI, or the national security apparatus, will plant bombs despite all the work of intimidation and rudeness being done.

I think all the security checkpoint work is nonsense when you have to consider that the planes could be bombed out of the sky or be taken over electronically by the government itself.

Mizgîn said...

More surprising, perhaps, is that a similar percentage of respondents fear being mistreated by DHS officials more than they fear terrorism. They viewed U.S. border officials as “arrogant, rude and unpredictable.”

Oh, geez . . . this is so true, especially if you're coming in from the Middle East. DHS is nothing but a pack of fascist assholes. They almost detained me last year. Apparently, I was not sufficiently "afraid" of Iraq. Of course, I had not been to "Iraq"; I had been to North Kurdistan and South Kurdistan.

But they know so much more about the region than I do, because they have degrees in Islamic studies.

Fascist jackasses.