Wednesday, November 01, 2006

don't be sorry. gotv.

don't be sorry. gotv.

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calipendence said...

I voted yesterday absentee and dropped off the envelope with my ballot in it at the Registrar of Voter's office here in San Diego.

This is the "I voted" sticker that they gave me after I dropped it off! As Brad Friedman is now pointing out on, San Diego ROV Mikel Haas is such a Nazi here! I hope we're not getting screwed this time around. We need to make Debra Bowen his dotted line boss soon!

Also on prop 89 Californians! Make sure you vote "Yes" on it and encourage everyone you know to do so! It is so important to stop corruption, and it will only succeed if grass roots folks promote it. Certainly no other special interests will (even unions like the teachers' union won't).