Saturday, November 04, 2006

Duncan Hunter for President.

* Mrs Gerecht got a nice cushy job. isn't that sweet.

* why is the media focussing on e-voting fraud?

* josh:
"One of the great entertainments to watch just before an upheaval election is list of candidates who want to make sure they lose their dignity ahead of losing their seat."
* DK at TPM:
"I'm guessing that to most readers Ted Haggard is barely known. But this is the conservative equivalent of Jesse Jackson getting caught wearing a hood at a Klan cross burning. The political implications are enormous."
* nyt:
"Investigations led by a Republican lawyer named Stuart W. Bowen Jr. in Iraq have sent American occupation officials to jail on bribery and conspiracy charges, exposed disastrously poor construction work by well-connected companies like Halliburton and Parsons, and discovered that the military did not properly track hundreds of thousands of weapons it shipped to Iraqi security forces.

And tucked away in a huge military authorization bill that President Bush signed two weeks ago is what some of Mr. Bowen’s supporters believe is his reward for repeatedly embarrassing the administration: a pink slip.

The order comes in the form of an obscure provision that terminates his federal oversight agency, the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, on Oct. 1, 2007. The clause was inserted by the Republican side of the House Armed Services Committee over the objections of Democratic counterparts during a closed-door conference, and it has generated surprise and some outrage among lawmakers who say they had no idea it was in the final legislation."
Duncan Hunter for President.

* Billmon:
" But the logic of an attack is hard to ignore. War with Iran would not only be the quickest, most effective way to throw the Dems back on the defensive, it would also completely preempt, and bury, any post-election pressures to set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq...

But even if a November or December surprise isn't on the drawing boards, the historical pattern suggests a period of danger may lie ahead...

What's more, compared to other recent administrations, Bush and/or Cheney will have maximum freedom of action to be as reckless as they want to be....

Which is why if the Dems do win on Tuesday, and win big, they better get the celebrating out of the way fast, and start thinking about how they're going to handle a very angry, very rejected but still very powerful president with points to prove and scores to settle.


dqueue said...

Hopsicker, too, has a piece on Dunkin' with Duncan...

profmarcus said...

here's one scenario...

brainwrap at daily kos has a diary up that recounts a campaign event in michigan he attended last night at which ambassador joseph wilson was the featured speaker... he asked the ambassador a question...


I asked a serious question about how he thinks the Bush administration will respond if the Dems DO retake both houses of Congress, considering that a) Bush can now LEGALLY arrest, lock up and torture any U.S. citizen he wants to; b) Bush can now declare martial law anywhere and anytime he wants to; and c) Rumor has it that FEMA has contracted with Halliburton to build dozens of detention centers here in the U.S.


I prefaced my question by admitting that I might be going into tinfoil hat territory. Unfortunately, Wilson stated that at this point, under this administration "there are no tinfoil hats anymore."


although that's not really the answer any of us want to hear, i find it oddly comforting that someone as solid as joe wilson acknowledges just how far this administration has taken us down the road to a police state... brainwrap's reaction to wilson's response was somewhat in the same vein...


This wasn't some paranoid guy at the bowling alley; this was Ambassador Joseph friggin' Wilson, and he was deadly serious.


listen up, folks... serious as a heart attack...

lukery said...

thanks dqueue - thats great.

thnx Prof. fp'd.