Sunday, November 05, 2006

friends don't let their friends not vote.

friends don't let their friends not vote.


noise said...

Dowd and Woodward love to talk about the dysfunctional personalities but a photo like this suggests all the soap opera crap is a narrative for the public.

IMO, these assholes AREN'T the deciders. They are the willing frontmen/woman.

lukery said...

i dunno. i'd be happy to put rummy & cheney in the 'Decider' category

noise said...

Poorly stated on my part.

I agree that Cheney and Rummy are in the loop whereas W is likely an actual frontman.

IMO all of them are fronting for a corporate agenda. So when Dowd or Woodward suggest that Iraq "mistakes" can be attributed to individual arrogance, stupidity or ideology, I think they are spinning. The state of the Iraqi occupation can be attributed to a corporate agenda that was implemented at the expense of stability.

Bush and Cheney were chosen for high office BECAUSE they are immoral scumbags.

Corporate globalization (free trade, WTO, world bank, IMF) requires bad people who aren't bothered by policies of death and destruction.

They disguise their sinister intent by way of hiding behind soldiers (conflating themselves with soldiers), cynical use of nationalism/appeals to patriotism and pretending to be religious.

The role of THIS government isn't to "serve the public." It's to serve corporate interests while keeping public dissent/discontent to a minimum.

lukery said...

yeah well - you already know my thoughts on this. i prefer to reduce 'corporate interests' to 'specific interests of specific people in specific corporations'

and similarly, it makes more sense to me to reframe "Bush and Cheney were chosen for high office BECAUSE they are immoral scumbags." to "Bush and Cheney were chosen for high office BECAUSE they could deliver specific benefits to specific people/corporations."

but you are all tired of hearing me say that.

noise said...

I admit I read too many "Free trade Halliburton style" articles.

I realize that everyone at Bechtel or Halliburton isn't a bad person. Nor when I refer to Palast's "class war" am I suggesting that it cuts strictly across financial lines.

Perhaps the point of blame is with the government side, meaning the corporate side is just trying to please the shareholders...if some corrupt government officials are willing to help them out, who are they to complain?