Thursday, November 09, 2006

Get up off your asses. Here we go

* tristero:
"If you think Republicans took the day off in 2000, 20002, and 2004, think again. Get up off your asses. Here we go:

What is the most important issue facing the country that the Democrats must tackle? The rogue presidency of George W. Bush.

Anyone who thinks this will be easy or pleasant needs to get to a certified physician, fast. Nevertheless, the path to staunching the blood in Iraq and America's shameful complicity in it, the path to preventing possible nuclear war with Iran, the path to reversing the evisceration of the Constitution --- all these and so many more converge at the flat feet of the Worst President Ever. And it will not be easy to rein him in.

I think it's a pretty safe bet, even for William Bennett, that Bush will try to precipitate a constitutional crisis over the limits of presidential power (from his standpoint, none) in the next two years. Having lived through Watergate, and remembering how terrifying (even if eventually, exhilirating) it was, I am personally dreading it. Imagine how the Dems in Congress feel.

So let us make this clear to them:

If George Bush wants to continue to wreck America, then there is no way anyone in Congress with a modicum of self-respect and love of country should let him get away with it.

That's easy to say, but what if it means a dangerous constitutional crisis?

Don't answer right away, folks. Stop. Think.
Bush will start testing the new Congress as soon as he can. He will claim the power to do something beyond the normal range of the Executive, and it will be nothing anyone should make a constitutional crisis over. Congress will let him get away with it.
And while Congress is reining him in, they must be smart about it, find a way to prevent Bush from exceeding any of his powers while, at the same time, foiling Bush's desire to stage Gunfight at the OK Corral in Washington, DC, with live ammo."
* glenn:
"It is vital to remember that we already have a constitutional crisis in our government. The choice is not whether to create one (since it already exists), but whether to confront and battle it, or acquiesce to it (as the Republican Congress has done). While it is nice that Democrats have taken over the Congress, it is vital to remember that we have a President who has repeatedly made clear that Congress is irrelevant in our system of government and cannot limit the President in any way. Re-establishing the rule of law -- and the principle that the President is not above it -- is still the most compelling priority for our country."
* aravosis:
"We just got our country back, and proved to an entire generation, and the world, that the American dream is still alive."

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profmarcus said...

glenn is 110% correct... fasten your seatbelts...