Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i'll miss curt weldon, bill frist, rick santorum, ney, delay, duke, dewine, harris, foley, allen, others.


notjonathon said...

Well, there are plenty more Repubs to be indicted, so the show will go on. Lewis, the former Congressman Pombo, Hunter, Doolittle, maybe Bilbray from CA alone. And of course, Hastert, Reynolds, etc. And with hearings (even without WH cooperation), there will be new revelations of thuggery and evildoing on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

On a more serious note, we still have a Republic to be saved from the brink of tyranny; these bofastofards won't want to let a little thing like a crushing electoral defeat stand in the way of their rightful destiny to set the world afire. Look for them to provoke a Constitutional crisis.

rimone said...

i thought we were already in a Constitutional crisis, but hey, what do i know? (answer: not too damn much.)