Monday, November 06, 2006

i'm so nervous.

i'm so nervous.



«—U®Anu§—» said...

Not to worry, you can always count on Uranus.

How do you know when you've won the war on terror? You get a nice wine and fruit basket, and wall plaque, suitably engraved with "Mission accomplished! When you guys nabbed the Granny Peace Brigade with your crackerjack illegal surveillance program, we knew we were licked. Love, the terrorists."

In a world filled with so much uncertainty, isn't it nice to know you can depend on these things?

lukery said...


a laugh was definitely in order.


Don said...

And on a completely counter tack, and not to the positive, this post of the Dark Wraith's needs to be read, right up to the end. Especially the end. Check the comments, too.

No matter what happens Tuesday, the battle is far from won, far from over, and these bastards will not go quietly.

Don said...

And on yet another tangent, read his next one, too. Many interesting suggestions on how to take up the battle between now and Tuesday.

Warning: He pulls no punches.

The fight is on.

rimone said...

i'm nervous as well, Luke, which is why i've been in denial more and more for the last few weeks.

lukery said...

don - thnx for the DW posts.

i/m nervous, nervous.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Don's links are interesting. Mortar training for riot control? You don't say! Well, whatever the outcome of Tuesday's election, there is much to do. You'll look back on this time fondly, because it gave you so much honorable work.

Kathleen said...

Anyone who was in Chicago in 1968 knows how very real the tanks in the streets scenario really is. Been there, done that. As the Russian tanks were rolling into Checoslavkia on the news, the US tanks were rolling down the main drag of Chicago. Eeeery.