Monday, November 06, 2006


* prof Marcus has the details of the 'closely guarded' 'inTERRORgation' techniques

* josh:
" But let's take just a few moments to marvel at the titanic cynicism of this White House for scheduling the sentencing of Saddam Hussein two days before election day. It is one last reminder of this president's quest to turn this country into a banana republic. And really one of the best reasons to send them all packing."

* laura: "Chalabi, Iranian asset? Dexter Filkins in the NYT:"

* tristero:
"I'm going to try to say this as clearly and as forcefully as possible.

War should never be fought to provide anyone with an opportunity to grow in wisdom. Yet that is, as far as anyone can tell, the only thing other than sheer horror and outrageous exploitation that has come from this war. Richard Perle and friends have learned something.

And they all learned...what?

They learned that war is "horrifying." They learned that war is unpredictable and chaotic, and its outcome impossible to discern. They learned that the men who start wars, no matter how brilliant they appear to be before the war, are incompetent. They learned that men who prosecute wars, no matter how stong-willed they might appear to be, cannot control them.

Yes, that is what Perle and his friends learned. That is all.
Most of the world knew what was going to happen if Bush invaded Iraq. And to make absolutely sure Perle knew that we knew, and to bring the possibility that the Bush/Iraq war would end in chaos to his attention, just in case it happened to have escaped his brilliant mind, tens of millions around the world marched, not once, but twice, in protest.
Let this Vanity Fair article be the last time any mainstream publication would think enough of someone as utterly worthless as Richard Perle to publish his comments surrounded by the trappings of seriousness. And if it's not the last time, then by God, let's work to make sure its the second to last. Or the third to last. "

* ledeen has found himself in the middle of a blogswarm for being a degenerate warmongering liar. glenn has some of the details.

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