Thursday, November 16, 2006

it sounds like Turkey's DeepState.

* xymphora:
"Wow! Only occasionally does the curtain part enough to see a sliver of the truth. The Pentagon pork barrel is the main way most unlikely Congressmen retain their seats year after year, and you can be sure that this contract would have been announced well in advance of the election, with a smiling Weldon taking credit for it, in any normal situation. This was not a normal situation. The Pentagon was furious with Weldon for failing to let the Able Danger scandal fade into obscurity, for, as I have pointed out, Able Danger proves that the entire ‘war on terror’ based on the Official Story of the 19 Arab terrorists is a scam. Weldon was too far off the reservation to be allowed to slurp from the pork barrel.

It was obvious that this was going to be a very close election, and the White House would have much preferred to keep Weldon’s seat, even if he wouldn’t shut up. The Pentagon thus made a decision against the interests of the White House. It is starting to become clear that the real alliance, the real deep alliance, isn’t Republican-Zionist, but rather Pentagon-Zionist. The Republicans were just a temporary host for Zionism, which is now infecting the Rahm-selected Congressional Democrats. The permanent alliance has to be Joint Chiefs of Staff-Likudniks. It makes sense. If you ran the Pentagon and wanted to ensure the maximum world turmoil, thus leading to the maximum power for the Pentagon, what better group is there to ally with than the Zionists? If you, like me, think the United States has been a military dictatorship since November 1963, it is not surprising that the Pentagon treats the White House as just another employee, whose interests can be ignored if it suits the wider plan."
it sounds like Turkey's DeepState.

* everyone's newly favorite neocon, Joshua Muravchik, was on demnow with mcgovern & kucinich. josh is so shrill. kucinich is also angrily shrill. Josh wants to bomb iran. listen to the whole thing.

* clemons:
"Another controversial recess appointment made by President Bush was C. Boyden Gray, White House Counsel in the Bush 41 administration and Director of the Transition Team for Bush 43, who now serves as the unconfirmed Ambassador of the United States to the European Union.

A Senator's "procedural hold" has blocked Gray's nomination from proceeding through the confirmation process, but according to the Senate Executive Calendar, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar is reporting that his committee now plans to take up Gray's nomination -- though no hearing date has been announced.

Gray is widely recognized as one of the key architects of a rightward swing in America's federal court system.

Despite many on the left viewing Gray suspiciously, he is privately quite hostile to what neoconservative influence has done to undermine America's prestige and position abroad. He gets high marks from Europeans, and while supportive of President Bush which he must be in his role, he thinks America needs to get back in the alliance-building business."

* glenn:
"Even if one thinks that Donald Rumsfeld is the most evil war criminal in history, and that the invasion of Iraq was the most evil and criminal act of aggression in the last century, the German Government has no authority whatsoever to subject Rumsfeld to its courts, its political officials and its laws. And the profoundly anti-democratic attempt to do so is no less disturbing merely because one believes that it is being pursued with noble goals or against individuals who merit punishment."


oldschool said...

everyone's newly favorite neo-con, Joshua Muravchik...wants to bomb Iran

Fine. So send the silly son-of-a-bitch to Iran with a canteen of water and a hand grenade.

lukery said...

did yuo hear the interview? he is rabid.

(how was your bday?)

oldschool said...

Not sure I could stand the interview.

B-day was...blurry, for some reason.... But thanks for asking.

More soon.

LeeB said...

Oldschool, that made me laugh -- "BD was blurry for some reason" . . . Leventy-dozen years ago, somebody about three sheets to the wind at a New Years Eve party went up to a guy, peered into his face, then said, "My goodness, you're fuzzy! Are you drunk?!?"

That one makes me laugh everytime I think of it. It is what comes of being too easily entertained.

How did the election turn out in your neck of the woods?

lukery said...

leeb - funny for lots of reasons :-)