Wednesday, November 08, 2006

karl rove: genius


«—U®Anu§—» said...

We've heard a lot about how smart Rove is, but I don't think he's so bright. In fact, any four-year-old knows enough to play the dirty tricks which have been his stock in trade. All that sets Rove apart from the average four-year-old is he has no conscience at all, and is unshaken by absolute risk. Rove may be a great student of Hitler and fascism generally, but how smart is that? I've always felt he was stupid, and has a defeatist complex. Why else would he be such a proponent of policies with a solid historical record of failure?

I've written a couple futile letters to George Bush. One was about Rove. I told him he never needed Rove and never will. Today Bush fired Rumsfeld, and if he has any sense, he'll shitcan Rove, too.

rimone said...

right before smirkey went on TV last night, the BBC was showing rove looking all pissed off, I LOVE IT!

Kathleen said...

Shitcan Rove, how funnnn. Guess he'll have to learn THE new math, huh?