Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Makes me really happy we launched Muckraker

* josh:
"It's interesting. It didn't always show up in an obvious way in the polls. But I always thought the corruption issue had a pervasive, atmosphere effect, pulling down the Republicans and particularly the GOP Congress. At least the exit polls seem to show that that was true. Makes me really happy we launched Muckraker earlier this year."
thanks josh. (and paul and justin)

* josh:
"The election marks a beginning more than an end. Savor the moment tonight. But there is much to be done and no time to linger. Plans must be implemented. More battles waged. Our opponents have been planning for this moment for many months. They are ready. We must be, too."
* ed gillespie: "we all want to bring the troops home"

* amblog: "Winning is so much more fun."

*FOX: it looks like 30-35 seats.
yay, us.

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