Friday, November 03, 2006

more trouble for Kurtastrophe

* more trouble for Kurtastrophe:
"The FBI is now investigating Karen Weldon's work for the Karics and other clients, trying to determine whether Curt Weldon used his position to help her win contracts.

Curt Weldon, who also repeatedly tried to persuade the State Department to grant visas to the Karic family, has said that his daughter never lobbied him and that he has not violated any ethics rules.
Weldon has acknowledged that he has reviewed extensive - and unflattering - U.S. intelligence reports about the Karic family's ties with Milosevic."
His campaign is complaining that all these leaks are unfair, prior to a campaign. I wonder if there's any more to come.

US privacy protections rank among the worst in the democratic world, a London-based privacy organization said Wednesday.
"This is damning evidence that privacy is being destroyed by the very nations that proclaim to respect our rights," he said. "It is clear that there is a systemic failure of legal mechanisms to protect us against the emerging surveillance society. Those responsible for protecting our rights have failed to do so ... Australia, Britain and the United States have not only performed abysmally but they are embracing surveillance at an alarming speed."
yay, us.

* atrios picks up the yelling thing.

* cannon has documentary 'evidence' that Hastert is gay.

* flashback. Wolcott last week:
"Bob Corker is gay. He may not know it yet, he may never know it, he may go to his sarcophagus wrapped in denial, but his fascination with Ford's prowess and good looks gives him away, as does his political affiliation. All Republican political figures are gay, especially the men.."

* Dr E:
"And, of couse, Rove has "THE math" to calculate beyond the public meaning of the polls, somewhere up in the heady netherworld where only he can divide the country and multiply votes by subtracting principles and rights and decency for his zero sum game that remains perpetually in the red."
read the rest. great post. The good Dr ends thusly:
" In fact, if those voting and tabulation machines are set, Karl may well be sweating a "miraculous" win, far more than the predictable losses."


oldschool said...

U.S. privacy protections rank among the worst in the democratic world, a London-based privacy organization said Wednesday.

okay, I checked the chart - damn.

That's it - I give up.

I'm moving to Poland.

lukery said...


start practising.