Wednesday, November 15, 2006

no answers, no taxes

Prissy is in DC:

The Prissy Patriot and the French press, and another blogger were the only media there. More shame on corporate media...this was big news!

check out the rest of Prissy's pix.


rimone said...

good for Prissy, i looooove those masks and her taking a stand. tried to comment over there but ended up back here. please tell her i want to buy one of those masks and where did she get them?

Prissy Patriot said...

Hi Rimone,

I went "au naturale" that's usually enough to put many a man into silence heehee
I just blogged it...but if you go back to my site or google "Give Me Liberty" and they can can hook you up with the costume-I believe they run about $75...that was certainly a memorable protest;-)
But I have no problem sweetly giving the real evildoers 99 kinds of hell. Why its my pleasure to do so heehee

They are doing it again in I'll be back (with the good camera) Looking FW to Fitz starting Libby's trial in Jan. too (Will the press ignore it TOO?)

Did those guys look spooky cool or what? Can you imagine what several hundred would look like;-)

Thanks for posting me today, Lukery;-)

lukery said...

Great work Prissy.

they do look great. calipendence was trying to get some of those customes/masks made for halloween.

rimone said...

Prissy, i shall be back in NYC in january and if things go right, i'll be able to afford the airfare down to DC. please keep us updated, ty.

ps, and even though i want one of those masks, i too shall be all au natural.

Kathleen said...

Prissy, Thanx soooo much for covering this for us. Without you, we would never have known about this event.

Rimone, sorry I won't be in CT in Jan. I would love to have been able to hook up with you. Take the train to D.C. It's cheper and easier because you arrive right in town, as opposed to out in the boondocks, needing to get into town.

rimone said...

thanks Kathleen, we'll talk more before i book my flight &c.