Saturday, November 04, 2006

not necessary to steal the election

notjonathon in the comments:
We can only hope that the American people are not too fat (as a result of being Supersized) to take to the streets in the event of a Republican victory in the coming elections. As it is, the disparity between the generic vote and the apparent closeness of the races in Tennessee and Missouri is indicative of suspicious polling in itself.

I have posted on this same question at dkos and have commented on the musings of KagroX at The Last Hurrah. However, there is the possibility that the Maladministration really doesn't care who wins the election, for they now claim plenary power. Even if the Democrats hold hearings, they have no intention of cooperating. The House may issue subpoenas, but the Attorney General's office is in charge of serving them. By the "unitary executive" theory, the Resident can simply claim that it is not in the interest of national security to have the U. S. Marshal's office comply with the House's directives.
Thus it may not even be necessary to steal the election; since the WH believes that the Congress has already been rendered irrelevant to the governing process. If the Congress continues to press for accountability, then there will be ample minions to rid the Fraudulent of these pesky Representatives.

What of impeachment? What if the House gave an impeachment and nobody from the Executive Branch came? What if the Senate voted to convict and the WH simply continued to claim the right to govern? Who would remove them from office? The FBI and the Attorney General's office, the DoD and virtually all of the other branches of the (once again) "unitary" executive office have been pretty much purged of all but loyalists who feel that the Decider has the Mandate of Heaven.
i think that's what we'd call a 'constitutional crisis'

incidentally, barring some late-breaking news, there's no-one in the world that would believe a Repug House win - even though the markets certainly rate that as a serious possibility. My darker side would be very amused if the repugs legitimately kept the House but were overthrown by a disbelieving public.


notjonathon said...

Thanks for the space. With luck, the new editorials from the Army, Navy and Air Force Times is meant to be a statement of less than absolute loyalty to the CIC. I posted a very lonely diary on the subject over at dkos: A discouraging sign.

lukery said...

i love the fact that the editorial says "election? huh? we didnt even know about it"

something is rotten in denmark.

(lonely diaries suck)

lukery said...

correction - that was E&P