Friday, November 10, 2006

Not one changed hands going Democrat to Republican

* rimone live-blogged the president's presser

* Laura:
"What are they (Poppy Bush's crew) going to do with Cheney for two years?"
* rudepundit:
"To the reporters who are willing to tear apart the administration and dine on its innards shall go the rewards."

* rudepundit:
"Anyone in this Bed Got a Cigarette?:
Let's not worry about cleaning the sheets and ourselves just yet. Let's just lay here, sticky, sweaty, exhausted, blissful, and enjoy the way the sun seems a little brighter this morning..."

* kucinich:
"I will not prejudice with any criticism or charges any oversight hearings of any committee I may chair in the next Congress. However, I do know that the American people still have unanswered questions about 9/11, WMDs, the abandonment of international law and the Geneva Conventions, the war in Iraq, the White House Iraq Group, the Rendon propaganda machine, Afghanistan, Abu Graib, Guantanamo, the Pat Tillman case, Iraq war casualties, the missing $10.8 billion in Iraq reconstruction funds, the human and economic toll of the war, rendition, wiretapping, domestic spying, and plans for an attack on Iran,

I do know that the American people cannot believe what has happened to this country in the past six years. I do know that the American people are demanding accountability.

And, in whatever capacity I serve in the next Congress, I will uphold the solemn oath I take to defend the Constitution of the United States, without regard to fear or favor."

* bobharris:
"Someday, we may even elect a gay Muslim black woman to something. I want to see this, just to watch Sean Hannity’s forehead burst open and his demons scatter across the floor."
* bobharris:
"All told, 504 major offices were at stake tonight.

Not one changed hands going Democrat to Republican."

* corn:
"Pelosi and Reid get credit for the wins on election night, but neither of them is going to sell the Democratic Party using charisma and charm. They can only do so with substance. And many American voters will not grant them much more than a first impression. The Democrats have a shot at winning over the public. But there's a lot they're going to have to get exactly right."

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