Saturday, November 11, 2006

obstructionist democrats

* Noise:
"Will the Dems cave into the spin? What spin? "The Dems are being obstructionists by opposing a quick confirmation of Gates so he can get to work."

Dems (should say): "Pick a better candidate and we will help confirm him in record time. The public voted for us BECAUSE you have a bad habit of putting loyalists in charge instead of the most qualified people.""
"the good news is that the Dems can (finally, hopefully) own & embrace the 'obstructionist' label."

"Well put. What's scary is that the Dems (or Repubs) weren't willing to take a stand against torture (Military Commissions Act)."
me (may 05):
"like ive previously said, the dems have to hijack the word 'obstructionist' from the repugs. say it loud. say it proud. and we can use the bolton delay as proof that the dems did the right thing fighting for the filibuster."
me (july 05):
"* btw - as i mentioned a couple of months ago, the dems should get out ahead of the pack and appropriate the 'obstructionist' label - particularly wrt the scotus noms, but beyond that as well. harry reid should stand in front the cameras and echo kofi: "Are we gonna obstuct? Hell yeah!

if the christofascists try to appoint someone who will remove a womans right to choose, the american people *want* us to obstruct that nomination.

if the Schiavo Repuglicans try to interject themselves into private family matters, the american people *want* us to obstruct.

if the radicalright try to take away social security, the american people *want* us to obstruct.

if these people try to lie us into another unnecessary war, the american people *want* us to obstruct

they can call us the Party of No, and they can shout OBSTRUCTIONIST all they like - we say BringItOn! the american people can see this country is moving in the wrong direction, and they can see that the Radicals that have hijacked the goverment are going to make it even worse.

we need to put a brake on these people so they dont do any more damage.

are we gonna obstruct? hell, yeah!"

etc etc etc

the radministration is guaranteed to 'complain' about 'obstructionism' so the dems might as well appropriate that term for themselves and negate it from the outset.


rimone said...

luke: 'we need to put a brake on these people so they dont do any more damage.

are we gonna obstruct? hell, yeah!


«—U®Anu§—» said...

I'd like to supervise a crew building a gallows on the mall in D.C. It should be large and fully functional. It would look very nice there, and serve as a reminder to public servants to think about the consequences of their actions. I wish we could get it finished before the new Congress assembles next year. I don't want the democrats to forget what they're doing or why they're the majority.

Mizgîn said...

If they don't obstruct, it will be very enlightening, because by Thursday, Scowcroft (the friendly face of the pashas and Deep State) was already in Ankara, and meeting with just about every "business" organization to finalize the thawing of the US-Turkish relationship. Naturally, he was there as the head of the ATC:

Talking Iraq with Brent Scowcroft
Turkish-American trade relations to be developed
US exploring Turkey's potential, says Scowcroft

Check this also:

But Rumsfeld's planned successor, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Robert Gates, belongs to a totally different school. He was a protégée of former president George H. W. Bush, and he has never worked in the president's administration.Gates is part of a "realist" camp in the Republican Party, whose most prominent members include James Baker, secretary of state for the elder Bush, and Brent Scowcroft, the elder Bush's national security adviser. Gates' close relationship with Scowcroft, who also heads the American-Turkish Council, an organization of mainly large U.S. companies doing business with Turkey, could be a plus from the perspective of relations with Ankara, some analysts suggest.

From: Rumsfeld departure ends 'March 1 process' with Turkey

Turkish-language media, at this moment, is carrying virtually all the same news.

Some backgrounder:

BREAKING RANKS: What turned Brent Scowcroft against the Bush Administration?

The last time that Scowcroft visited Ankara as head of ATC was in December, 2005, at the same time that Muller and Goss were making their pilgrimages to the regime. All of that was in preparation for Rice's visit in April, at which time she gave the US blessing for Turkish and Iranian attacks against the Kurdish people, and set the stage for Gul's visit in July, when the US-Turkish Strategic Vision document was finalized.

More big lies from the Turks:

After the closed-door meeting [with Scowcroft], TABA President U?ur Terzio?lu told reporters that during the meeting the issue of Turkey and the United States moving closer in every field was discussed. with particular emphasis on the commercial, military and political areas. He said that while in previous years only the issue of military cooperation was raised, today cooperation in tourism, textile and energy was being discussed. He underlined that TABA was not a political association and that it was aiming to increase friendship and cooperation at every stage between Turkey and the United States as well as to bring American capital to Turkey.

More closeness sought in US-Turkish relations

Right, it's all about friendship. Or, check out this big lie:

There will also likely be adverse implications of the Democratic takeover of Congress for Turkey, although Turkey is never an actor in U.S. domestic politics, Turkish diplomats fear.

New US Congress to pose more troubles for Turkey

Scowcroft's running off to Ankara immediately after the elections therefore indicates to me that big changes are on the horizon, and if Scowcroft's lapdog, Gates, becomes the Secretary of Defense, expect continued Deep State involvement in US domestic politics.

Mmm . . . maybe I should make a post of this.

lukery said...

mizgin, thnx. and i look forward to your post!

damien said...

The Dems should walk and talk tough. As Hitler knew only too well, people talk consensus but they are really very responsive to bouts of chest thumping, however irrational. Make no mistake, bullying is sexy to many people. The Dems are still trying to 'reason' with the lunatics. Never going to work. Declare the country defunct and aggressively install a new policy agenda. At every opportunity declare the Bush program to have 'failed' and righteously declare the need to fully investigate possible criminal activities. For sure, express reluctance ("forced by circumstances etc...") but kick heads and go for the jugular every time. Bring 'em down.

rimone said...

EVERYthing Damien said, triple, especially 'bring 'em down.'