Saturday, November 18, 2006

omg. i heart athenae.

athenae, merging sci-fi and rl:

It's not about them and what they did. What you are willing to do in war is not and never was about your enemies. If you're going in with the intention that you'll murder and rape and kill and do whatever, you'll do that regardless of how your enemies behave. You'll do that regardless of the level of justification they provide, because if they don't provide the proper justification, you'll find some come hell or high water. And it's not some stunning act of bravery to be benevolent towards an enemy that acts with some semblance of honor, to adhere to some fucked-uply balanced sense of fairness. All that requires is a spreadsheet and a calculator. Bravery entails not responding to savagery with more savagery.

It isn't about whether they deserve genocide. It's about whether you can commit genocide. Not even whether you should, whether you can. Is it within you to do such a thing? Can you carry that for the rest of your life? Can you lay that down among your burdens? And I humbly submit that every 101st Fighting Keyboarder shouting in the bar about how yeah, give him a chance and he'd do some genocide like you've never seen, motherfucker, that guy would shit his pants and run the first time he stared down a gunsight. Barroom bravado is a long and time-honored tradition among assholes, but I get offended when it's applied to my pop culture, so if you're annoyed by the twinges of recognition you get from a story like this and want to lash out at the writers because they made you remember where you left your conscience, just stick to the stuff you understand, go play some Halo or something, and shut the fuck up.

Sympathizing with the Cylons is not the point.

omg. i heart athenae. (and i don't even have any clue what show she's talking about)


rimone said...

battlestar gallactica.

*rolls eyes* lol

lukery said...

that much i knew (only cos she sed)

Don said...

Don't knock it 'til you've watched it. It's storylines since the beginning have been very topical, particularly since the late last season. Torture, election fraud, politics & infighting, terrorism vs. legitimate protest, occupations, secret tribunals and verdicts, how far is too far, and a whoooole lot more. In many ways, it's the Star Trek for the 21st century, allegorically covering subjects that aren't pretty in a human manner (which needless to say also ain't pretty), and the 'resolutions' aren't clear cut black & white. There's a lot more 'reality', and humanity, in this fiction than you'll find most places on TV.

lukery said...

don - i hear that it's great. all the kewl kidz are watching/blogging it

rimone said...

2nd time i'm trying to post this as well. last spring Chris downloaded the first 2 seasons of BG off bit-torrent and we watched--it's really good and the parallels to what's happening in the States are very well done.

shhhhh, don't tell the preznit.