Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pakistan Urging NATO to Accept Defeat in Afghanistan

* amy:
"Report: Pakistan Urging NATO to Accept Defeat in Afghanistan
Back at the NATO Summit, the London Daily Telegraph is reporting the Pakistani government is urging NATO countries to accept defeat in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s foreign minister has reportedly told counterparts the Taliban is winning the war and that NATO is bound to lose. Pakistan has also called for negotiating with the Taliban towards a new coalition government that could exclude Afghan president Hamid Karzai."
mon dieu.

* tpmm:
"Remember Brandon Mayfield? He's the guy the FBI arrested in 2004 and held for two weeks for allegedly aiding a terrorist bombings of Spanish commuter trains. Except, he didn't do it.

Mayfield just won a $2 million settlement from the U.S. government for its rather egregious error, along with a written apology for its mistakes."
* peter lance was on democracynow:
AMY GOODMAN: Where is Ali Mohamed today?

PETER LANCE: Ali Mohamed is in some kind of custodial witness protection. As I said, he cut a deal. He escaped the death penalty...

AMY GOODMAN: Why would the US be protecting him?

PETER LANCE: Because he is a one-man 9/11 commission. Ali Mohamed, if he ever told the full truth under oath, would expose all the years of negligence by the Southern District. Amy, look, Patrick Fitzgerald and the Southern District prosecutors have had an almost unblemished reputation for years as being the primary, you know, terror-busters. You know, Vanity Fair did this glowing article on him, in which they described him as the bin Laden brain, scary smart intelligence.

No one has ever, ever gone back and audited Patrick Fitzgerald in the Southern District. The 9/11 Commission didn’t, because Dietrich Snell was a co-prosecutor with Fitzgerald, is the one who wrote Staff Statement 16 on the origin of the plot. And he literally pushed the plot, the 9/11 plot forward from Manila, the Philippines, with Yousef and Khalid Shaikh. He moved it to 1996, claiming that Khalid Shaikh wasn’t even a member of al-Qaeda at the time.

AMY GOODMAN: What do you think needs to happen now?

PETER LANCE: What I think needs to happen is there needs to be a real investigation of 9/11, not staffed by alumni of the very agencies that, you know, were asleep at the switch in the years leading up to 9/11. It should be staffed by American citizens, journalists, scholars, widows, the Jersey girls should be on it. It should be fully funded, and it should have subpoena power, because anyone that thinks that in reading the 9/11 Commission Report you’ve gotten the full story is wrong. No accountability. They never named a single name in the 9/11 Commission Report."
he slams those who criticise him, including Larry Johnson.


noise said...

The idea that Mohamed fooled US intel for over 10 years seems implausible.

From reading his initial book 1000 Years for Revenge and some interviews I've noticed he steadfastly sticks to the incompetence rationale. Perhaps Lance has determined the best way to get his information out is to attribute the motives to something less sinister than official complicity.

I think he deserves a lot of credit for researching this information and getting it out to the public.

IMO, Johnson doesn't think Lance is "in the club", meaning he perceives Lance as a Monday morning quarterback who doesn't fully understand the intel/law enforcement community. I'm sure he doesn't appreciate when investigative reporters hype their findings at the expense of the alleged corrupt or incompetent officials in order to sell books.

calipendence said...

Ali Mohamed sounds like a guy to study, but Lance perhaps is not only motivated by book sales returns but also perhaps residuals from the History Channel's show on Triple Cross, which is also coming out on DVD at the end of January too.

Anonymous said...