Sunday, November 05, 2006

Remember, Remember

given that i'm a day ahead of y'all, it's GuyFawkes day here already.

here's a poem:

The Treason of September

Below is a poem (loosely based on the Guy Fawkes poem) written the day after Congress sent the Military Commissions Act to President Bush. That bill is but the codification of the treasonous doctrine both the executive branch and the judiciary have been asserting for years – that even U.S. citizens can be declared “enemy combatants” and stripped of their ancient right to jury trial, and of the rest of the protections in our Bill of Rights. Click the hyperlinks for a multi-media experience. Pass it along to others. Then resolve to do your utmost to stop anyone, from any political party, who would destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Stewart Rhodes

Remember, Remember the 29th of September
The Military Commissions Act
, assault on the Bill of Rights by a vile lot;

I see no reason why that day of high treason
hould ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember the 11th of September
The American Reichstag Fire burned hot;
I see no reason why the lessons of history
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember this is land of the free, home of the brave
Land of the scared, home of the slaves it is not;
I see no reason why Liberty or Death, Spirit of 1776
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember, the source of your rights is in heaven
Proclamations of black robed priests matter not;
I see no reason, why their creeping treason
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Rememberwhen the government fears the people,
there is liberty
“When the people fear their government” there is not;
I see no reason why this timeless truth of freedom
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember the 19th of April
Embattled farmers stood in the Concord meadow
Firing the world-changing shot;
I see no reason why the 19th of April
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember the 19th of April,
Embattled Jews stood in the Warsaw Ghetto
Firing on the Nazi rot;
I see no reason why the 19th of April
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember the 19th of April
Embattled Davidian women and children burned in the fire so hot;
I see no reason why the 19th of April
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember their spirits live forever
Thus they did fear not;
I see no reason why these examples of defiance
Should ever be forgot.

Remember, Remember your body will not live forever
That you will die matters not;
When The Day comes, follow your fathers
Give them ball for ball, and shot for shot.

© 2006 E. Stewart Rhodes

E. Stewart Rhodes is an ex-U.S. Army paratrooper, disabled veteran, former firearms instructor, and former member of the D.C. staff of Congressman Ron Paul. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004 and is currently a research scholar for Yale writing a book on how the applications of the laws of war to the American people in the “war on terror” pose a grave threat to our constitutional republic. Stewart practices law in Montana.

and a big GSF birthday hug to OldSchool. best wishes and soft landings, my friend.


noise said...

Ode to Al Qaeda? :)

We're at war GD'it! Who has time for f**king poetry? :)

Actually, just typing that reminds me of how sick the Iraq occupation really is. Total disconnect. By Rovian design but that doesn't mean it's not sick anyway.

lukery said...

jeebus Noise! soon you'll be like Damien and complain about me posting photos of cute fluffy baby chickens ;-)

noise said...

If I were to "pull a Damien" I would put a Hopsicker link in the chicken photo thread:

"Speaking of chickens:

12 kilos of coke wound up on a plane in Florida last week." :)


"I'll bet Scott thinks the camera took the pictures by itself...nobody made it happen." :)

Hope the humor comes across as intended. I appreciate Damien's posts.

And (after reading it :)), I must admit the poem is actually rather inspiring.

lukery said...


damien said...

Thanks Noise. Most of my posts were stolen ideas and I've run out of new thoughts. But I don't care. Everybody should read Hopsicker every day. Have a great birthday Noise. Cheers.

damien said...

As usual, I get my facts wrong (what is it with my brain ?) You're forbidden to have a happy birthday Noise. Oldschool is summarily ordered to get out there and have a good time.

lukery said...

and i was wrong to say that i was a day ahead of everyone. D and i are celebrating GFD together.

damien said...

GFD? Everyone's wished the very best.

lukery said...

gfd = guy fawkes day

rimone said...

happy b-day oldschool (and/or noise?) i'm confused.

the Guy Fawkes fireworks have been happening every night here for the last few days now...tonight should be a pisser; wish i had a camera that sync'd w/my mac, some of the fireworks are amazing.

Kathleen said...

Haaaaaappy Birrrrrrthday tooooooo youuuuuuu, haaaaappy birrrrrthday tooooo youuuuuuu, haaaaappy birrrrrthday dear oldschooooool, haaaaaaapy birrrrrthday tooooo youuuuu!

I'm going to a buirthday party today, so i'll think of you.