Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Republican Presidential Candidate Indicted

* nyt:
"The language of the declaration, which implied that Mr. Maliki had the power to command American forces, seemed to overstep his authority and to be aimed at placating his Shiite constituency."
funny, really.

* there was an article in The Hill in September titled: "The Hill Interview: Anti-Americanism growing in Turkey partly because of Iraq war, official says" - the last line reads: "The interview was arranged by former Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.), whose lobbying firm represents the government of Turkey."
Hows that for disclosure??? (although I might quibble about the word 'government')

* damien:
"Quite aside from the outrageous idea that the Military Commissions Act can nullify habeas corpus and the role of ANY judicial review, there is also this:

UPDATE: H.R. 6166: Military Commissions Act of 2006
Military Commission Act Not Lawfully Passed

Pat Shannon: "The U.S. Constitution [Art 1 Sect 7] requires the President to sign or veto any legislation placed on his desk within ten days (not including Sundays). If he does not, then it becomes law by default. The one exception to this rule is if Congress adjourns before the ten days are up. In such a case, the bill does not become law; it is effectively, if not actually, vetoed. Ignoring legislation, or “putting a bill in one’s pocket” until Congress adjourns is thus called a pocket veto.

Congress passed 6166 on September 29th, presented it to the President on October 10th, and adjourned on October 13th. Bush signed it on October 17th, the week after Congress had adjourned, thereby rendering it “vetoed” by constitutional standards.""
* damien:
"Only the Right wing could characterise the NBC's refusal to take paid advertising from the Dixie Chicks as a publicity stunt by the girls. Major reality disconnect."

* oldschool:
"Supposedly, Jack Abramoff is singing his heart out, for hours each day, and Hunter is on a list of R's expected to be indicted "almost immediately" when Abramoff finishes up. His first sentencing hearing comes mid-November, so it might not be all that long before the circus comes to town. Repub's can start sweating bullets soon, and it has nothing to do with Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House.

"Republican Presidential Candidate Indicted" is going to make for a very pretty headline."


rimone said...

let's hope it fucking happens before next tuesday, dammit to hell.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

I read that bojive about the Military Commissions Act the other day. Although Congress approved the law September 28, it didn't land on Bush's desk until October 10, for some reason, and he signed it October 17, which was within the law's time limit.

I don't know what the 12 day delay is about. Perhaps the law needed some changes, such as a trial by ordeal provision. Nothing would surprise me with these criminals.

Kathleen said...

Damien, you're my favorite today. I would so love for that damned thing to be null and void, technically.

damien said...

Kathleen, let's hope that some enthusiastic lawyers can give it a run. Fingers crossed.

Kathleen said...

Oldschool: Abramoff singing behind the scenes gives me "the smiles".