Sunday, November 05, 2006

repudiation of these varmin

* holyshit. Fox is running a terra movie all weekend. 10 minute snip here. glenn has the details. our friend john loftus is featured.

* DIY impeachment. details here.

* Digby:
" Weldon has found an amazing example of a fresh faced neocon hanging in there in Foreign Policy magazine. He thought it might be a satire. It isn't."
as i mentioned the other day, i too had to check that it wasn't satire. and as starroute demonstrated the other day, Joshua Muravchik is no 'fresh-faced neocon.' I'm really quite surprised that this article has taken a few days to bubble-up.

* Pach has a must-read post at FDL:
"Conclusion: The DC/K Street media machine on cable news, print news and the major networks will frame this election in terms of Democrats and Republicans, but there are really three competing parties in play Tuesday. Everyone expects the DC/K Street Elitists and Grassroots Theocrats to suffer losses, but the real question will be, how many losses? What's more, among the remaining winners, how many will be candidates that can rightly be claimed by the Democratic wing of the DC/K Street Elitists, like Joe Lieberman and Heath Shuler, and how many will be Grassroots Progressives, like Jon Tester and Angie Paccione? How big will the wave in favor of Grassroots Progressives be, and what will this mean for the future of both the Democratic and Republican parties as we currently understand them? These are the real questions in play with this election.

At FDL, we'll be covering Tuesday's results with these questions in mind, even as the establishment media spins the results in favor of its own constituents in the DC/K Street Elitist party."

* wapo:
"In the battle for the House, Democrats appear almost certain to pick up more than the 15 seats needed to regain the majority. Republicans virtually concede 10 seats, and a split of the 30 tossup races would add an additional 15 to the Democratic column.

The Senate poses a tougher challenge for Democrats, who need to gain six seats to take control of that chamber. A three-seat gain is almost assured, but they would have to find the other three seats from four states considered tossup races -- Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and Montana."
again, the betting markets are NOT saying that the House is 'almost certain' - the GOP has a one-in-3.5 chance.

* BTD @ TL:
"We think of elections as accountability moments for our elected officials. And it should be that. But this election is just as much, it seems to me, an accountability moment for the American electorate. For if the Republicans are maintained in power, after the last six years, then we have the government we deserve."

* bowers:
"So, according to the most recent, independent poll from individual House districts, Democrats are ahead in 37 Republican-held districts, and close in 23 Republican-held districts. By contrast, Republicans are ahead in zero Democratic-held districts, and close in five Democratic-held districts. There are a few races, such as GA-08, KS-02, and KY-02, where there are no independent polls."
i think i'd be prepared to trade a seat or two in the House in exchange for the GOP not picking up a single seat. that's be quite a record, and a statement of repudiation of these varmin.

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starroute said...

Somebody at Democratic Underground says, "Sadly, I knew Muravchik 30 years ago. I knew him from Social Democrats, USA, he was a hard core Scoop Jacksonite."

So, yes, Muravchik does goes *all* the way back with the Neocons -- he's just always been a second-ranker.