Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sibel is no Michael Moore

* mcclatchy:
"It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to implement most of the key ideas for quelling the Iraqi civil war that are outlined in a classified Nov. 8 memo to President Bush from National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, experts said Wednesday."
* obscure comment of the day from palo verde:
"Sibel's husband is a rock ribbed Republican
his family has been Republican forever
he is the one standing behind Sibel

Sibel is no Michael Moore"


rimone said...

let's hope this is publicised all over the internets, about Sibel's husband being a die-hard republican.

calipendence said...

I remember Mr. Edmonds being a Republican also being noted in the Vanity Fair piece too. Also, more recently it has been noted that a majority of folks in the NSWBC (like Russell Tice) are also Republicans too! They aren't Michael Moore either!

jiminy cricket said...

"a rock ribbed Republican"

what does that mean anyway? sounds kinda sexy ; )

Prissy Patriot said...

Yes Jiminy that might but Sibel is no Michael Moore

What is that supposed to mean? He is comparing apples and oranges!

lukery said...

shorter palo: sibel is not a big fat white male movie maker.

rimone said...

*smacks side o' head in frustration*