Wednesday, November 01, 2006

something spooky for halloween

dammit - i should have said something spooky for halloween. but given that i am officially 19 hours ahead of the left coast, the timing never quite seemed right.

here's what i will say - i don't believe in any of the religious stuff - but i am open to the idea that our world isn't exactly as we construe it, with the four dimensions and fixed boundaries and all that - however, if it's true that the world isn't bound in that manner, then i presume that physics or some other crazy un-christian science will be able to explain it.

here's one spookish story that i can tell, though: one night i had a 'dream' that is apparently repeated across the human race for one reason or other, where i 'floated' out of my body, connected by what i thought/knew to be an umbilical cord - i.e. i 'left' my body - and i could see my corporeal self lying on the bed. i had the sense that if i panicked, i'd be sucked back into my self and the whole gig would be over - and i knew that would suck - cos at the time, astral travel seemed like a skill that i'd rather have than be without. i got about 6 feet away from my body before freaking out, and at that split-second i was sucked back into the normal world.

i've never had that dream again - which sucks. most dreams seem to recur - but this was a one-off. (i often dream that i can fly - which is also cool, but different)

incidentally i was at USC at the time of that dream - and i've read that 'spiritual' dreams often occur in earthquake-prone areas. maybe that's why left-coasters freak everyone else out.

i remember not only the dream, but the exact room/bed i was in - i spent the night in a fellow exchange-student's room, (he was on-campus) - rasmus from denmark - fwiw, he also took kathleen reardon's negotiation class.

for one reason or other, that experience is seared on my brain. 15 or so years later.



rimone said...

i'm actually feeling jealousy cause you had that dream and i always wanted to. if we ever meet in meatspace, you must see my 3" thick looseleaf notebook w/detailed write-ups (and illustrations that are rather good, if i do say so myself); anyway, that shit ended in 2000. but i do have 4 years of dreams, most of which were very spooky; sometimes i'd wake up and then fall back asleep and continue the dream (all of them good); sometimes the dreams would continue where they left off night after night w/the same people in the same locations, which i got to know better and better each time i visited. i loved it.

LeeB said...

A police-officer (uniformed cop-type officer) friend had a similar experience several years ago. He is not particularly religious, so this tale has none of those influences involved.

If I recall his story correctly, it occurred was during a time when he was on medical leave due to recovery from a work-related injury. He was in bed. It was during the wee small hours of the morning and he was aware of difficulty sleeping. He got out of bed and walked through the doorway into the hall and kitchen area beyond. Given the layout of his house, that was a distance of about 20 feet. From the kitchen he looked back through the doorway at his bed where he saw his body apparently sleeping and a cord running from his body to his vantage point in the kitchen. In what was a different kind of reaction, he said he felt surprise but no alarm, then made a decision to return to his body which then happened in a virtual nanosecond.

For what it's worth, the injury from which he was still recovering had been life-threatening. He said he had no idea why he had survived it, but that experience did add a different dimension to his notion of what is commonly described as one's soul and/or spirit.

I remember asking him if he thought it was a dream and he was adamant that it was not. He described himself as fully conscious. He also was not taking any drugs for pain or anything else by that time in his recovery process, and had not been taking any drugs for several weeks. I haven't thought about that in a long time, but when I do think about it, I also remember that this is a person who is a trained, experienced observer of objective information needed to investigate crimes and accidents . . . not one who has a history of being unable to separate fact from fantasy.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Sorry I'm missing everybody. Janet's getting her house ready to move, and I've been spending most of my time over there patching walls and painting.

Moving: it's the real-life horror story.

Kathleen said...

I'm a dreamer from way back and for years now my recurring dream theme is always impeachment. I have this strange phenomenon of dreaming of people before I meet them and places before I go there and events before they occur. It's spooky.

Years ago I was in Sardinia and hadn't heard English in many months, or seen the news. Where I was there was no electricy and we washed clothes in the river, but I dreamt about the Nixon impeachment.

When I got back to electrified civilization I understood the dream. In it, someone handed me a peach colored apron that was full length. I put it on and looked in the mirror. I liked the way it looked. Then someone gave me a tennis racket and told me to hit 100 peaches. When I got to 52, someone said, "that's enough". I said, "but you said to hit 100." They said 52 is enough. I didn't have any idea what it meant, because this was the beginning of my prophetic poltical dreaming.

When I got back to where I could read an English newspaper there was the story of Nixon's impeachment. The house voted unanimously to impeach, that's the full length apron. When the Senate got to 52 votes for impeachment, Nixon resigned. That was the the 52 peaches.

If my recent dreams are right, there will be an impeachment. I also dreamt last Spring that Fitz caught three yellow snakes, with black spots. He had them by their tails, wrapped around his arm. I can't wait!!!

I just dreamt about impeachment last night again, so fasten your seat belts, it's going to a fun ride, gang.

lukery said...

URanus: Moving: it's the real-life horror story.
i couldnt agree more!

LeeB: In what was a different kind of reaction, he said he felt surprise but no alarm
Yeah - I expressed that badly - i was ok with it for a bit, but then once i had some doubt *kashoom* back into the body

Rimone: nyah, nyah

Kathleen - fingers crossed. nothing would make me happier in the new year. Keep us updated.

rimone said...

Kathleen: I have this strange phenomenon of dreaming of people before I meet them and places before I go there and events before they occur. It's spooky.

i think it's very cool. i, too, dream of things that will happen the very next day, but they're usually about things for which i fear in some way.

let's hope your dreams are correct (i love the one about Fitz).

personally, i feel that there's much about human brainpower that haven't yet been explored; about things that can't be proved by mass and/or meatspace evidential proof (somewhat related to that factoid or whatever about how we only use like 10% of our minds).

i can tell you honestly that after i took lsd (maybe too much way back when) my 'feelings' about people and events were totally changed; i kinda felt things that others didn't ascertain; this has stuck w/me till today and usually (and sometimes unfortunately) my gut feelings turn out to be correct.

it's almost as if the stuff opened up my head in ways it was never open before. 'doors of perception' anyone?

lukery said...

rimone - yeah - i totally agree that there might very well be a dimension (or two) beyond what we commonly observe - and drugs appear to be a gateway into those other dimensions. if nothing else, drugs can demonstrate that the world can look quite different if you just tweak the lens/frame - and once you question the basic assumption that the-world-is-as-i-normally-see-it then a whole bunch of things are possible.

Kathleen said...

Rimone: The Annotated Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass has some interesting marginal notes about tachyons, particles that travel faster than the speed of light, hence having the answer before the question. It's the closest thing I've come across for a logical way to explain dreaming of things before they happen. It's like astral travel into the future.

I too was radically changed by my first experience getting high. I was 33 and the divorced mother of 3 before I got it together to rebel. The baaadest thing I could think to do was get high. My babysitter turned me on. I didn't know jack shit about anything, so I had no idea what smoking opiated hash would do. It was like reaching into the inside of my big toe and pulling myself inside out through the top of my head. In other words, I have never been the same since. The first thing I did was quit my job and I have never again worked for anyone, only free lance. Gone forever are my obedient days. Don't eeeeven tell me what to do or not to do.

You might like reading Isaac Asimov on The Brain. He discusses the limnus, which seperates the old brain from the new brain, and the effects of cannabis on the limnus. Faascinating. I did my final term paper at Sarah Lawrence on this subject and came to the conclusion that when cannabis relaxes the limnus, it allows us to tap into the old brain, where the record of all of our previous physical incarnations is stored and thus, we can tap into what Jung calls the collective unconsicous and experience a universal awareness. But what do I know. It's a pipe dreamy sort of thing.

rimone said...

Kathleen: The Annotated Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass has some interesting marginal notes about tachyons, particles that travel faster than the speed of light, hence having the answer before the question...'

i read that--in fact it's here somewhere amongst what came out of the 80 boxes of books i took along w/me. unfortunately, i've forgotten a lot of that. thanks for reminding me; gonna dig it up ASAP and reread.

ps, my hat goes off to you, for first getting high at 33 and then, changing your life.

gonna check out the Asimov; will prolly get Chris or someone to buy it for me (he still buys me shit i can't afford, thank fuck for that.

and i've always been a huge fan of Jung. :-)

Kathleen said...

Rimone; I had to give away so many books when I moved across the country. I really miss them. We sound on the same wavelength, reading the same things. If I ever make it to England, can I come visit you? We can have a cuss-in. I've been really practising up since 2000.

rimone said...

Kathleen, i still feel a loss for all the books i was forced to leave in nyc...i love my books, ALL of them. like i said somewhere else, they're my fave drugs since way back when i was a kid, before i even knew about real drugs.

about coming to England, do you really have to ask? OF COURSE and you can stay w/me (private bedroom as long as i'm still in this flat). i would totally love to meet you. this goes out to all the regular commenters here, open invite, par-TAY, lol.

in other news, i might be forced to visit NYC pretty soon (before xmas, exactly when i don't wanna be there) due to family trouble (not health problems, just problems w/my money). if this happens, i shall mail you and hope that you're somewhat nearby like Connecticut so we can meet somewhere in the middle or in CT if it's easier for you (i used to live in New London and/or Mystic, lo these many years ago).