Friday, November 10, 2006

sorry about that

i had some problems geting some posts up yesterday. sorry about that. you probably had some problems commenting too.

most of them are up now. there's another post to go up with all the stuff about bob gates - thanks for those who sent pieces through.


damien said...

I've got a summary of Carol A. Valentine's story here for those interested. She argues that a sham rescue was carried out at the Pentagon on 9-11 as a cover for the murder of military intelligence personnel. This explosive claim is based on multiple evidence contradictions in regard to the Pentagon fires, the fact that the main fire was put out in seven minutes, yet lesser fires supposedly burned uncontrollably for 60 hours. She points out that civilian rather than military personnel were used in the firefighting; that the FBI rather than the military secured the Pentagon; that inappropriate rescue techniques were used that lessened the chances of saving survivors; that the rescue efforts proceeded at a snail's pace and that military personnel allowed this to happen; and that figures from Waco disturbingly crop up in the aftermath of the Pentagon attacks. She also says that Army and Naval personnel were specifically targetted in the attacks.

Her original, detailed articles are here and here. It's conspiracy, for sure, but she raises some interesting evidence contradictions. Why did the fires burn for sixty hours?

lukery said...

d - that's bizarre. thnx