Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tarpley - a good guy or a loony?

* cannon has a post up about who should get the HPSCI Chair. Dan at HongPong, too. Dan's post title is "Scandalplex: Which Democrat gets House Intel Committee chair: AIPAC's Harman or Ghorbanifar's buddy Reyes?" - Cannon's is "First, do no Harman..." (nominate your favourite, or create your own, in the comments)
The top three choices for the position look totally dodgy. Harman is deep in bed with AIPAC. yuk. Hastings probably doesnt deserve the benefit of the doubt. Josh is covering that story. Reyes & Ghorba? Sheesh. Next. Clemons weighs in too. FTR, my concern re Harman isn't that she recuited AIPAC to help her get the gig, it's that she is owned by AIPAC regardless.

* Shorter Rimone: "I'm happy. Fuck off & die. "

* gilliard:
"The parents are always the last to know their son is an asshole. Only Poppy Bush would be surprised that a Muslim audience would detest his son as a earthly Satan. They hate him, they hate him deeply. They feel he lives to kill muslims.

Which may be wrong, but it is how they feel. It is what Bush has done to our reputation around the world.

Bush's (41) greatest weakness is that he never made W stand up and be a man. Maybe because their first child died of cancer, whatever, but W has never looked at his son and saw the weakling coward before him."

* what do you all think of Webster Griffin Tarpley? is he a good guy or a loony?


rimone said...

'Shorter Rimone: "I'm happy. Fuck off & die."


LMAO! hahahahahahaha! 's funny cause it's true. unbe-fucking-lievable. i'm dying to post their shit but ashamed at all the misspellings and fucked usage and grammar.

thanks Luke--i actually should've sent you my draft first and then trashed it and posted yours.

oldschool said...

If Rimone's happy, I'm happy.

Well, maybe except for one thing. How come my parents didn't name me "Rock"? How cool would that have been? If I ever have another, the name is definitely Rock. (even if it's a girl, 'cause I'm not goin' with Rock-ette). heh.

rimone said...

lol, oldschool. his real name's Mark Sams and his Alabama 3 pimp/preacher persona is Rock Freebase.

put /that/ in yer pipe and smoke it (and don't forget to pass it over here, lol).

oldschool said...

yeah, well, it's still gonna be Rock. (Freebase might make an excellent middle name - thanks!)(kinda light and carefree, hippy-ish, like Freebird maybe, but more twisted - which is always good).

And as to that hissing sound coming from the gallery at the Rock-ette thing - I'm truly sorry; there just wasn't any way around it.

I've been listening to some Alabama 3 by the way.


Happy T-bird Day, y'all.

health editor said...

Tarpley: I think he is extremely unreliable. I would like to find a wiki or other collaborative site that rates writers in the fields of investigations, conspiracy theries, etc. Hersh and Peter Dale Scott would be among the best and Tarpley among the worst.

lukery said...

thnx Health Editor.

rimone said...

oldschool: (Freebase might make an excellent middle name - thanks!)(kinda light and carefree, hippy-ish, like Freebird maybe, but more twisted - which is always good).

um...they might just ban her/him from school or whatever for inciting cocaine use w/a name like that. just sayin', lol